Lovely Supporter message: You opened my eyes … My life can NEVER be the same again…

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[Here is a lovely message I got from a lady supporter. I especially like that she says that her life can NEVER be the same again. I think that is how it is for almost everyone who discovers the truth. Once you have seen the truth, you can never go back to the lies. That is one of many factors that gives me great hope. Jan]

She wrote:

Hello Jan
My name is Anastasia,thank you for helping untie the blindfold.

Its taken me about 2 years to discovered the truth and all I can say is that my life can never be the same and that’s a good thing..

I look at the world differently now and read between the lines.

The lies,propaganda and hidden agendas are easily spotted.

I am carefully spreading the name of your website and I will be buying your book soon,gov by deception

Thank you again and be well!

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