Lessons from Rhodesia & South Africa: A Common Russian Information LIE they tell in WAR

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White Shop: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry
This is a FANTASTIC BOOK written by a well travelled American Military Officer. It tears all the lies about the Germans that have been told by the Jews and the Allies to shreds. I have a copy. It is the best book written about the Germans by a non-German since WW2.

One thing I’m seeing over and over again in the Ukraine war, which matches up with the experiences of us Whites here in Africa, is that the Russians LOVE to EXAGGERATE all their successes. They LOVE to VASTLY OVERSTATE the actual number of enemies they kill.

Here in Africa, the Russians were the main people teaching the Blacks how to fight us. I have something totally unique and extremely special that I want to try to show all of you in the coming month in this regard. The Russians taught the Blacks EVERYTHING! The Jews taught the Blacks Politics, and the Russians taught them WARFARE including PROPAGANDA.

As a result of what the Blacks learned from the Russians, they ALWAYS VASTLY OVER EXAGGERATED their kills. They always vastly overstated how many Whites were killed and how many of our aircraft or vehicles they destroyed.

These were definitely lies. We suspected it at the time. But I’ve been able to gain further data because I even managed to get in contact with someone who built a database of all the White soldiers killed in Rhodesia in the war. And it is very evidence from all the sources on our side that the Blacks were exaggerating massively.

Returning to the Ukraine war, I have noticed that the Russians love to MASSIVELY EXAGGERATE, by a factor of 10x for example, how many enemies they killed and how many tanks, etc that they destroyed. When I looked at the data from different angles I could see this was definitely the case.

The Russians LOVE to massively overstate their successes and the apparent number of enemy they face. I am sure they do this for morale purposes so that Russians feel that they are doing great work.

Interestingly, when I did some special research on Vietnam a few years ago, I made a fascinating discovery. It has to do with a certain CIA guy who wrote a partly completed book before he died. The bottom line is that in Vietnam the US Army did the OPPOSITE. The US Army actually UNDERSTATED how many Vietcong they were really fighting. The Americans were fighting TWICE as many Vietcong as they claimed they were.

Generally, the Americans and Germans and Europeans put out pretty accurate statistics. The Germans are pedantic about their accuracy. But I’ve known for the long, the Russian penchant for overstating their battlefield successes. And they easily overstate their kills and successes by huge factors.

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What Jews say: Why ALL Whites must DIE! The INTENSE Jewish HATRED of the White Race
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