Legal Fund: Help Mr Bond … Jews are destroying Austrian Born Far-Right musician – My Comments


[I only discovered now that the Jews went after Mr Bond early in 2021!! I was unaware of this. I am not sure what his status is and what's happened since but I see people are still raising money for him. If anyone has news on Mr Bond and what the Jews have managed to do, etc – I'll be grateful. Jan]

Austrian Born Far-Right musician / Political prisoner of ZOG

On Feb 2, 2021 Austrian authorities arrested /our guy / Mr. Bond on charges of copyright infringement and (most importantly) “Promoting Nazi ideology” (a crime that has seen past offenders serve anywhere from 33 months to 5 years!)

In lieu of a Gofundme (that would be shoah’d in a heart beat) , we are accepting donations on his behalf to assist in legal defense and commissary items, etc. At present, we have been unable to reach Mr. Bond directly, efforts to contact him and his representatives is on going. If you believe that you can assist in this matter, please contact us! info
This page is maintained by TEKNEIN , Shill-Killa Linney (and many others active in helping to reach Mr. Bond and/or his representatives).
ANY/ALL funds raised will go directly to assist in the legal defense of Mr. Bond, or to him and his family during this time. THE BEST way to help is to get this campaign in front of as many eyes as possible- in hopes of achieving our goal to get in touch with his people!
“An attack on one of us, is an attack on ALL of us!”


Over 100 cryptos accepted via the CoinPayments link (page bottom).


This campaign is ongoing, however each lead we have pursued thus far has turned out to be a dead end. PLEASE email or contact us with any leads you might have, so that they can be followed up on.

We have his last known email- and pray that he (or a representative) can contact us from it so that we know we’re dealing with the right people.

ALL efforts will be made to get these funds to their intended recipient- ((( they ))) don’t make this easy- but we are doing all that way can in this effort. ANY/ALL help (in any way; be it outreach, word of mouth, technical/logistical support, etc- is GREATLY appreciated!


Efforts to reach Mr Bond, his family, and/or his representatives are still ongoing. ANYONE who feels they can assist us further in this effort please reach out on Telegram or email us directly. Some progress has been made, but we should be careful not to publish anything officially until we are 100% on our sources.

As per the funds collected to date, they will be allocated to the appropriate representatives if/when we are convinced we are in communication with the right people. This entire process is very slow and agonizing. Our hope is to get these funds to Mr Bond in an effort to assist in his current legal situation- however, if we are unable to contact his legal representation, we are confident that these funds will ultimately reach him in some way: be that post trial (by means of commissary), or post conviction (by means of him ultimately contacting us personally). I would MUCH rather get these funds to him or his people NOW, and getting as many people aware of this effort is the best way to do so.

Share-share-share! And again, if you can in ANY way assist our efforts, please contact us!

TEKNEIN (telegram) @teknein

Linney Braun (telegram) @ShillKilla


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