Kenya: Black Prisoner nearly dies after phone gets stuck in his rectum for 3 days!

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[This is too funny. If you read this article carefully then you’ll realise that prison in Kenya is really quite easy going because they tell you that while the prisoners are in jail, they’re using phones to defraud people! So you go to jail… but while in jail… you can get the time to commit new crimes like fraud! So this is Africa! I’m telling you, if it weren’t for the (((Internationalists))) or (((Elite))) who are funding the blacks, we would have had no problem seizing this entire continent back. Jan]

An inmate from Manyani Maximum Security Prison is nursing injuries after undergoing a surgery to remove a mobile phone that was stuck in his rectum.

It is reported that he was trying to conceal the gadget from prison wardens.

The move backfired after the gadget failed to come out giving the inmate a severe stomach ache.

Inmates in prison

He was forced to reveal to prison officers when he couldn’t withstand the agony of failing to pass stool for three days.

Moi County Referral Hospital’s medical superintendent Kagona Gitau said doctors were observing him after a successful operation.

The prison officer in charge, Nicholas Maswai, said the inmates use the phones to defraud residents and added that disciplinary actions will be taken against the inmate.

Prisoners are notorious for scamming people out of their money through impersonation.

They send text messages to unsuspecting people claiming to be their friends or business associate and ask their target to send them money.

Former Local Government Permanent Secretary (PS) Sammy Kirui landed himself in trouble after he was found with a phone illegally in Industrial Area Prison.

During a random inspection by prison wardens, Kirui was discovered to be in possession of the phone which he had been using for an unspecified period.


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