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Video: WTA03: The White End Game: How Portugal and S.Africa almost conquered all of Southern Africa
In this video we look at the amazing plans of South Africa and Portugal to beat the Blacks in Africa. The results of their efforts still stand to this day, and nobody notices it.

[This is a quick paragraph I pulled out from a bunch of news items that I received. Jewry is very keen to keep their Black Jew in power in SA. They are using every trick to keep the failed, lying, worthless, Black Jew in power. They're changing the rules! Jan]

Here’s the excerpt:-
The ANC has crafted new rules for the nomination of candidates to parliament to prevent President Cyril Ramaphosa from being disqualified from standing for a second term. The new rules exclude private prosecution from a long list of requirements for a candidate to be removed. Ramaphosa is facing a private prosecution case brought by his predecessor, Jacob Zuma. The ANC has now excluded, for the first time, private prosecution from its rules for nomination in the list processes.

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Chart: Did Apartheid kill millions of blacks? Or did the Black population shoot through the roof?
We take a look at actual Black population growth before, during and after Apartheid.

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