Johannesburg: Just went to the Mall & Post Office… People are shit scared of COVID-19 – Corona Virus – Electricity Blackouts

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I had to collect a traffic fine at the Post Office. I get very few traffic fines. But I decided to quickly get it and pop in at a super-market to return a product I bought yesterday that was bad.

For the record I found at a Portuguese grocery store I support that a LOT of their excellent, cheap vegetables were going bad because of constant load shedding (electricity rolling blackouts). Their white managers told me that directly, and now they’ve had to permanently switch off several of their freezers and empty them because they got damaged from the stupid load-shedding.

Anyhow, when I was at the Post office and the mall, my jaw nearly dropped at the fear over the corona virus. Even at the supermarket, they had gloves on and had hand wiping procedures. I saw that yesterday when I went to a pharmacy.

I took some photos and video and even tried to do an audio recording of an announcement. I’ve never seen people so scared in my life, especially whites!!!!

But I’m glad that the ZOMBIES who read the JEWISH NEWSPAPERS and listen to JEWISH RADIO are so scared.

I swear, even during our race wars, I’ve never seen whites this scared.

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