Jews who spied for Apartheid South Africa & were in Intelligence Services

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I had some interesting chats and exchange of notes with a lady here who was very deeply involved in the Right Wing here. We were comparing notes on a number of things, including the suspicious person: Aida Parker whom I have mentioned before and I met her once.

My Boer NAZI pal told me that here in SA, that Parker is quite a common Jewish name. Also with the lady, I told her that Aida Parker had told me she was a communist when she was young. Yet when I met her and subscribed to her newsletter, she was apparently a "Christian conservative". The lady told me that years ago, in the 1990s, someone writing in "the SA observer" had exposed Aida Parker as an intelligence agent.

I also recall, from the time when I had contacted with some white men who had been officers in Military Intelligence, that one guy had told me the name of a Jewish man who did a LOT OF SPYING for the Apartheid Govt. He was heavily used by Military Intelligence and intelligence. I can’t remember his name.

Aida Parker is however, extremely special because of the unbelievable levels she attained. She was dealing with people right at the top.

The bottom line is that we definitely had Jews, IN THE KNOW, who knew very secret things. Now, what those Jews did, and whom they shared that info with we don’t know. But I suspect there was serious shadowy stuff going on there.

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