JEWS: What do General Jan Smuts & Nelson Mandela have in common? – Also: MLK & Malcom X


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These are the only 2 South African leaders to have incredible WORLD ACCLAIM. They were wined and dined and listened to everywhere they went. They could walk on the GLOBAL STAGE without any problem.

Nelson Mandela, though being a communist terrorist and having acknowledged his role in even the Church Street Car Bomb … he was treated as a living SAINT across the world.

Jan Smuts, was white, Afrikaans and a Liberal. He could go anywhere in the world to similar total acclaim. Winston Churchill turned to Smuts. Churchill regarded Smuts as being of extremely high intelligence and consulted him on many things during WW2. The British loved Smuts. Smuts was regarded as a world class intellectual.

Which actually means nothing really, but that is how the newspapers and everyone treated him.

My own mother told me that Smuts was not really liked much in South Africa because he seemed to spend MOST OF HIS TIME OUTSIDE SOUTH AFRICA!

Smuts also played a MAJOR ROLE in the CREATION OF ISRAEL!!!

So here we have a white leader and a black leader of South Africa, both of whom had most of the world fawning over them, though, we can say, Mandela had even greater reach than Smuts.

So they had world acclaim in common.

But they also had something else in common.

Both were attorneys and both worked for Jews. Smuts did legal work for a Zionist organisation and I think Mandela worked for a Jewish law firm in Johannesburg.

When Mandela was plotting to unleash 7,000 communist terrorists on South Africa in Rivonia, he had lots of Jews around him … all of which were arrested by the SA Police.

I have never heard anyone investigate the links between Mandela and the Jewish law firm and how it was that be not only became a communist but also a terrorist.

AN OPINION THAT I HAVE FORMED – THIS IS MY OPINION: Is that Jews LOVED the fact that Mandela could stand up to whites WITH VIOLENCE. THIS IS MY OPINION after speaking to those I knew who met him.

MY OWN OPINION: I think that the Jews were looking for a black who would be violent and who would be willing to FIGHT THE WHITES… and they struggled to find one … until they got MANDELA.

I think, MY OPINION, that the Jews were searching for a black willing to go to WAR against the whites and they, the cowardly Jews, were so DELIGHTED when they finally had one in the form of Mandela and that is part of the reason why the Jews glow with delight when they speak about him.

Most White South Africans won’t know this but in the USA the Jews were ALSO AT WORK ON THE BLACKS. They were also controlling and seizing control of black politics in the USA. In the 1960’s there was black violence and rioting in the USA too. And black radicals. They bombed placed. They even knocked out the electricity in entire cities.

BLACK COMMUNISTS WERE AT WORK IN THE USA. But the US govt GAVE in on the joke called “Civil Rights”. That was a HUGE LOSS for the rest of us whites in southern Africa when the USA itself fell to “civil rights” in the 1960s. That meant that US political support for whites in Africa was GONE.

Also, the Jews took control of black politics there. There were black leaders like Malcom X. You could call Malcom X the “Hitler” of the blacks in a way. Maybe that’s giving him too much credit. But he was genuine. I think he was assassinated. (I don’t know who was involved). He was popular, but was a BLACK RACIST and he got no money from Jews.

Then there was a BLACK COMMUNIST, Martin Luther King, who also fancied sleeping with white women. The Jews loved him and MLK became the Nelson Mandela of the USA.

MLK like Mandela is revered to this day. There is even an annual MLK day. But he was actually a black communist beloved by Jews.

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