Jews Vs the US Military in Korea and Vietnam: MacArthur wanted to Nuke China

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[This is from a discussion I was having with people over Korea. Someone was saying that Korea was something that benefited the Jews. I have a soft spot for military people including the US Military. So I wanted to make addtional points. This was my response. Jan]

I think it is wrong to say that the Korean war served the Jews and NWO. Ditto for Vietnam. As I observe the USA over the years, I think you need to differentiate between the totally stupid and insane "politician" scum and the US Military.
The US Military had as its mission "fighting Communism". And it really did a number of things. But it never went after communism the same way it went after Hitler. However, as pathetic as the efforts were, the Military did try.

When I look at the various campaigns, it is my view that Vietnam and Korea were genuine attempts at fighting communism, but they fell apart in many ways. And you can see Jews, especially active in Vietnam’s time undermining the war.
The actual Generals and actual commanders did try to win. I think it was MacArthur, for example, who wanted to win in Korea by making big moves – which were stopped by "the politicians".

I think MacArthur even wanted to NUKE CHINA!

In Korea, I think the hope was that EVERYBODY would not fight communism together. Even South Africa and Australia fought in Korea. But I think after Korea the idea of a global "Allied" move to fight communism died. I don’t know exactly how or why.
Korea was winnable, but it ended up as a "tie" … In Korea for example, the UN even had a Russian General IN CHARGE!!!!! The very enemy you are fighting – one of their guys was in charge of the "allies". There were weird creepy things in Korea, but it was NOT from the military.

The WEIRD MOVES are always "politicians" inside the USA along with Jews and others who UNDERMINE THE TROOPS. This can be seen over and over again especially in Korea and Vietnam.

Now in Vietnam, again, the military did their best. In fact, in other research I did years ago, when I spoke to a Professor in the USA, the US Military even LIED about the power of the enemy in Vietnam! The enemy was TWICE as strong as the Military/CIA told the Congress.

I suspect they lied because they knew the politicians would pull the plug on them.

In Vietnam, you’ll see that during the war, Jews and assorted communist/liberal crap, were busy undermining the youth at home. The cry then was "peace" "peace".

You’ll see, after WW2, that WHENEVER WHITES ARE WINNING the Jews/Commies cry PEACE PEACE. Then when they are winning then they don’t cry peace peace. That happened to us in Africa too. Whenever we win, the Blacks suddenly want a "cease fire".

Then when they’re strong enough, they attack us without warning.

But in Vietnam you can see more proof of the weirdness because the Vietcong struggled to bring in supplies, except via the Ho Chi Min trail which I think was in a neighbouring country.

The US military could have stopped the supplies DEAD IN IT’S tracks. But you’ll see that the "politicians" made rules so that the military could NOT bomb and make the one move that would flatten the enemy.

Go looking more closely and you’ll see how the POLITICIANS/JEWS/PEACE-NIKS, etc all UNDERMINED THE US MILITARY so that a war that could be won … was actually lost.

Ask anyone who was in Vietnam. America was sabotaged FROM WITHIN.

The Military, in the meantime are doing their utmost with what little the "politicians" will allow them. They’re fighting, they’re dying … but BACK HOME they’re being stabbed in the back.

That may be different, nowadays, now that Jews are trying to create new wars. But Korea and Vietnam, are 2 wars where America did try in a weak way to fight communism and it was all undermined by NON-MILITARY CHARACTERS!

The USA never once even considered touching communism in Africa. It just let things be and left us to fight and die by ourselves even though we fought the same enemies. Our Blacks went to the Chinese, Vietnamese, Russians, Cubans to get training, help, money, advice.

So I have a soft spot for the US Military. But nowadays, it might be full of Woke-Leftist, communist types and it probably hates White Americans.

But once upon a time, the US Military wasn’t bad at all.

I think MacArthur wanted to NUKE CHINA! Wouldn’t that have been fabulous? He was out to win.

These days, I ponder "politicians" a lot and I ask myself if politicians really should be controlling the military.

The Romans never operated like this. They were much more sane. But the Romans of course had standards and I think in Greece and even in Rome for a time, you needed to have done military service in order to take part in "democracy".

Of course, the greatest communist killer of ALL TIME, bar nobody was Adolf Hitler and even Mussolini deserves a good pat on the back. And they had allies like Spain, Rumania, etc.


Thus America and Britain’s commitment to "fighting communism" is quite pathetic. Nobody is as useless as the Brits. They quit and ran by 1960. By then they were beating and fleeing with their tail between their legs.

The (((Politicians))) sabotage all the military victories Whites could have had, especially America’s.

For a long time the US Military was so shell shocked regarding Vietnam that they did absolutely nothing and the communists had a field day, I think until Reagan made a few minor moves.

Nowadays that the US Military is openly killing for Israel … they get the BIG THUMBS UP!!!

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