Jews/Liberals use the same tactics against Matt Hale and Donald Trump

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An American supporter I know well sent me this information about Matt Hale:

Still no update on his court case,and of course,the blackout continues,no contact with Matt by email or regular mail,at all,for the foreseeable future, I believe (((they))) are punishing him for the lawsuit.

Only his Attny. and close family members may speak with him. But donations can be made via his brother for his commissary acct. so that Matt can at least have some decent food once in a while.Any of us can afford to send $5.00. to his comm. acct, and ALL of us SHOULD be doing that, it is the very least we can do for him.

I replied:
This is interesting. I can understand this because I saw many interesting and bizarre things when I was in court with (((them))). If you saw my recent video about Jews and Human Evolution and why Jews are dangerous, then you would have seen that I pointed out their total familiarity with our society and everything in it. Notice how sophisticated they are when dealing with our people. Take for example the silencing of Matt Hale. The Jews and Liberals are trying a similar game with Trump. They managed for example to stop Trump assembling CROWDS when he goes to court. They noticed that there was mass support for him and so they had to destroy that. They are doing the same thing with Trump and everyone in the White Right. They know that their treatment of Matt Hale is only increasing the support for Matt, so now they have to try to kill that. That is also why there are so many banned topics when one writes to Matt Hale or to any White political prisoner. Using letters alone, Matt could have a massive effect.

But America and the whole West is apparently a "democracy". And here you have (((them))) bypassing the will of the people. It all goes back to that video of mine about Human Evolution. Jews know us too well and they know the system too well. They’ve got all the things in place, and I find it horrific how they can manipulate our race with a tremendous precision. I find it seriously scary. It is like this because we’ve allowed these people to get away with too many things and they as a GROUP can use GROUP tactics against us as INDIVIDUALS! They do it all over the West. They come and BEAT DOWN on one person to DESTROY THAT PERSON. It disgusts me and outrages me.

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