Jews & Liberals gunning intensely for Trump … – Trump’s Jew Lawyer Cohen knifing him in the back

I’ve been looking at various stuff and I must tell you they are going insanely after Trump. It’s non-stop stuff to try and get Trump in jail or get Trump nailed in some way.

They would not be doing this, if Trump wasn’t a REAL THREAT to Jewish/Liberal control in America.

I’ve also seen that Trump’s former attorney, Cohen is knifing him endlessly in the back by appearing on TV.

They’re going after Trump like crazy.

I repeat, this CLEARLY SHOWS TRUMP IS A THREAT. It’s like I’ve said before, Trump is a loose cannon and they can’t CONTROL HIM and he can destroy what these Jewish scum and their degenerate allies and filth are doing. They need to have a President they can control and who goes along with orders. Trump is TOO WILD.

Long ago, I wondered if they would try to kill Trump. But the good news is that as an ex-President he’s protected by the Secret Service, so I think the chance to harm him physically is almost zero. So that’s excellent.

I’m quite astounded by how they’re trying legal angles like crazy.

I would like to see Trump running in 2024, but I’m not sure if that will happen. I’m hoping so.

Trump will fail us, but his LOOSE CANON ways are the key issue and for that reason alone, I’d love to see Trump back in the White House.

However, I must say, I’d be surprised if he can survive all the problems and nasty tricks they’re trying against him.

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