JEWS HATE SECESSION IN SOUTH AFRICA: The DA Betrays Its Voters – My Comments

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[This is a newsletter from the Cape Independence Party. They mention how worthless the DA is. The DA is totally Jew owned and Jew controlled and the Jews support only Liberal and Globalist agendas. They are also easy on the Black communists who rule us. But one thing they hate is any talk of secession because it is mainly WHITES who speak of SECESSION and breaking away from this broken country! Secession is the only game in town and Jews hate it. They don't want White freedom, they don't want Boer freedom. Jan]

The DA Betrays Its Voters Again

Reading proficiency and an intelligible comprehension of basic law were all missing from the DA’s manifesto launch on Friday, where Ivan Meyer, the DA’s Federal Chairperson, delivered the same low resolution thinking we have come to appreciate from the DA on this topic.

Meyer proceeded to fumble through the preamble of the South African constitution, following which he drew the embarrassing conclusion that what sounded like "secession" or in other words, self-determination, was not possible. Or if it was, that the DA had no interest in giving the people of the Western Cape a referendum on it.

This hostile delivery was a direct insult to the vast majority of DA voters and Western Cape residents, who overwhelmingly support a referendum on Cape independence.

The "ANC-lite" thinking, which is pervasive through the DA, showed itself clearly when Meyer claimed to be opposed to a referendum on Cape independence by digging into a bag of the ANC and EFF’s favourite words, but instead of going for "racism" he decided to go for "Ethno-nationalists" and "Coloured Nationalists".

Considering the Western Cape is single handedly the most ethnically diverse province in South Africa, and in fact one of the most, if not arguably the most ethnically diverse regions in all of the world, his efforts may have appealed to their prospective ANC voter base, but not the Cape.

After so many decades of this type of race-infatuated language in South Africa it is difficult to take the DA’s continual knee-bending as anything other than a complete disregard for its Western Cape voters, its perpetual goal to be the best ANC-lite party it can be, but most importantly, their almost intentional lack of understanding when it comes to the constitution and international law as regards self-determination.

After 5 years we are still waiting for the DA to deliver on its 2019 election promise of self-determination to give the people of the Western Cape a provincial railway service, and police force.

Holding a referendum in the Western Cape on the above two issues would have been a perfect way for the DA to determine public support for those two proposals, and to provide a legal and constitutional justification to implement such measures. But they have shown that they do not care about either.

Considering that they are unwilling to keep their own election promises to pursue self-determination through the devolution of powers on policing and transport, it is not difficult to see why they are incapable of understanding or showing any willingness to pursue any aspects of the entirely legal and constitutionally guaranteed right to self determination, as follows:

1) Section 235 of the South African Constitution
2) Section 127 2(f) of the South African Constitution
3) Section 37.2(f) of the Western Cape Constitution
4) United Nations: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
5) African Union: African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights
6) Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States
7) The practical examples of self-determination referendums from Scotland to Quebec to Sudan to Brexit

So if possible, we would urge the DA to read a little bit further than the preamble of the South African constitution.

They may even want to venture into some of the international laws that would give them the power to govern the Cape free from any ANC intervention whatsoever.

After all, it is what their voters want.

But the DA knows this.

DA voters have told them. The pollsters have told them. We have told them.

But they don’t care.

However, if you, and those you love, really care about #CapeIndependence… Then the choice is yours.

Vote DA and continue on the same trajectory we have been on for 30 years.

Or… Vote Cape Independence Party.


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