Jews drew heat after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution?


[There is a weird Jewish article I came across regarding a "satirical" version of the Talmud which was a morael booster among Jews and moved around secretly in Russia. What I found interesting was this sentence: 

In post-1917 Russia, Judaism and Zionism (and the Hebrew language) came under attack, so manuscripts such as this one often had to pass secretly from hand to hand. They served as a morale boost and source of entertainment. 
I hope the above is true. I'm personally convinced that in Europe there was massive OUTRAGE in the 1920s at the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution as well as Hitler, correctly pointed out, the Jewish role in Bolshevism (Communism) everywhere. I think this is where even Americans and British and other English-speaking whites were waking up to the Jewish threat. We in the 2020's seem to be living in an almost identical situation where we are awakening to the Jewish filth, but this time the white elite everywhere is suppressing the whites. This is, by the way, VERY BAD for white health, and the mental conditions of whites to be smashed down on topics that are real and deeply felt by those who are awake. 
I suspect that in Russia, especially later in Stalin's reign and onwards that a struggle was waged by Russians against the Jews. However, the notion that Putin, the "good Christian" won is wrong. Putin may have been raised by Jews. AND Putin is a communist. I don't see him as a massive threat as before since he is playing a key role in supporting the nations who are against the Jewish dung hole Israel. So we live with a complex situation (as always). 


div>So I'm not sure, fully how accurate this Jewish nonsense is, but I thought if there's "a satirical version of the Talmud" around in Russian, it might be worth taking a look at. What exactly is going on? Jan]

The People of the Book, as the Jews have been referred to, have reacted in many different ways to the suffering over the centuries. One reaction – perhaps the most uniquely Jewish – is the publication of satirical works reflecting their situation.

One such book I recently acquired is titled Masechet Admonim, published in 1923. A parody on the Talmud, it was written by Abraham Shelomo Melamed (1862-1951) under his pen-name Avshalom Bar-Deroma. He was a Hebrew teacher in Feodosia in the Crimean Peninsula.

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