Jews created Black Communist Violence in South Africa and very likely America too


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[This is a note I wrote to someone. Jan]

I wrote:
There’s tons of evidence that Jews created almost every Black organisation of note. The NAACP in America had Jews creating it. I need to put out the full story of the Rivonia Trial in SA. Although it’s well known, what nobody noticed is that it is full of JEWS from end to end. Basically, Whites caught the Jews and Blacks conspiring together to create a mass slaughter of Whites. Communism is Jewish. Jews worked hard to hide that and lie about that. All "conservatives" don’t believe Jews are behind communism. I was such a dummy. Whereever you see Communism, there is a Jew nearby. All organisations that become big need MONEY and PUBLICITY and Jews even organise the Blacks and give them BOTH! This is where, my discovery in recent years about Nelson Mandela blew me away. Nobody in SA ever spoke about Mandela and the Jews. But I dug and you’ll see it. Mandela had Jews in every aspect of his life. YOU WILL SEE JEWS AT WORK IN EVERY POLITICAL MOVEMENT THAT IS ANTI-WHITE. American Jews and South African Jews worked together to bring hatred down on the Whites of South Africa. All the demonisation of Apartheid, like the demonisation of NAZISM can be traced to Jews. But Jews in SA wanted to find a Black leader to lead the Blacks to slaughter the Whites to put communism here. That is the basic theme behind the rise of Nelson Mandela and the ANC. I’ve done several videos investigating various aspects of this. I even caught a very famous Jewish politician in SA and recorded him and put it in a video. You’ll find JEWS – "White Jews" in every violent black communist movement. In the USA there were the Black Panthers – a totally racist Blacks only organisation … except … a "White Jew" named Horrowitz joined them. He’s now a "conservative". In South Africa, Julius Malema has many Jews assisting him and his attorneys are Jews. Jews defend him in court when he beats Whites up or when he tells Blacks to kill all Whites. He’s never spent a day in jail despite inciting violence and openly calling for White Genocide. There are Jews who are publicists for him. There’s a Jewish woman in SA who wrote a book "No more White lies". Can you believe the arrogance of it. Jews pushed communism in South Africa starting in the 1920s. I’ve mentioned part of that story. There was another American Jew, I did a video about him. He also came to Africa and wrote a book to cause trouble for the Whites. His name escapes me at the moment. This Jew was involved with nasty Blacks in America. Later, a White guy, who had believed his lies, actually killed him! I did a video about it. I’ll need to find it. This Jew was crawling around in the CIA maybe as well. You’ll be astounded at the Jews you’ll find. Communism in South Africa was run by Jews 90% of the time. Take President Obama and the Jew Saul Alinsky and Rules for Radicals. Alinsky is basically an American communist Jew who wrote a manual on how to bring communism to America. He wrote the handbook that probably all these woke people, etc believe in. Obama was a big fan of his. Jews have been spewing out revolution and bloodshed for centuries. Without the Jews, communism would never have gone global. I recall, with BLM’s violence that pallets of bricks were dropped off at places for them and clearly it was left by fork lifts! WTF? Whose paying for bricks to be dropped off at locations for violence? Remember this: ALL POLITICS AND PROTESTS NEED LOTS OF MONEY. LOTS OF MONEY. PROTESTS ARE EXPENSIVE. I discovered this early on in my activism. You’ll see Jews and the rich financing this shit. Julius Malema flies first class and buys sports cars. The vast majority of people in SA could never afford either. Who knows the story of Rosa Luxembourg, whom the Germans later killed. She was a foul mouthed Jew inciting Germans to kill Germans. When I read her story she sounded like Julius Malema – but she lived 100 years ago in Germany! The modus operandi is the same. Then Hitler came and cleaned up all that communist shit and fixed Germany.

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