Jews at work destroying White States – But the White States WILL BE BACK!!!

I believe a Jewish Senator in California has achieved a success. Apparently now its not illegal to deliberately infect someone with HIV contaminated blood!

These Jews specialise in breaking and changing everything in society. But these people, while smiling and being friendly, openly do malicious things. I would not be surprised if Jews were behind the legalisation of various drugs and all sorts of harmful things. These people are trouble-makers, nation destroyers, but they do it in the guise of “progress” and here’s a “better way”. The Boers in South Africa were constantly reminded by the Jews and Liberals that they are “old fashioned” and they must learn “new methods” and “catch up with the times”.

But in reality the Boer was being honest and merely defending himself – same as the Rhodesians. The Jew sneaks in and begins changing the rules, but the rules he changes allow him EVEN MORE LEE WAY and a greater ability to break new things … and he wastes no time in doing that!!!

The Jew Stefan Molyneux I see, believes that “Statism is dead” – that nations are dead. How wrong he will be proven to be. Nations will be back with a vengeance and maybe even a white racial SUPER STATES are the future if we can manage to defend ourselves. No, you pompous ass, The State will be coming back with a vengeance … and people who think armies won’t be needed. Stick around. The state will be back, and the most important ASSET we whites will have will be our armies of white males. Stick around. Its coming.

History is never invalidated. Those “old methods” will turn out to be “wise methods”. Those “old methods” will become the key to survival. WW2 resulted in the destruction of states, less state power and more “globalism”. We need a sharp reversal of that. The future states must be working together to DESTROY AND SMASH GLOBALISM.

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