Jews as an International clique of Wolves who take advantage of the citizens of nations

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[This is from an email I was writing to someone. Adolf Hitler pointed out some of these same things, that Jews live in other countries, but the common people are rooted in one nation. Jan]

I wrote:

I have reached the point where I hate money, and I hate business. I have watched all the wealthy (not just Jews but the wealthy goyim too), and they shaft the whites. They stick the knife into the back of the whites. They have no respect for us. They clamber on top of each other and they steal everything that is important. I mean everything. The whites walk around, picking up the crumbs of the economy. Literally.

Whites build the country, work the country, defend the country, and the Jews come and grab the entire economy. Then the moment they’re threatened or feel uncomfortable they run away with all the money.

How can whites allow Jews into their nations?

The ONLY answer is that the Jews, as globalists, control international trade and the purse strings and Governments and Kings grovel before them. That is the only way this could have come about.

These people grab and steal everything they can lay their hands on.

But I also think that normal whites, living quietly in their own nation, really have no clue about the sophistication and experience of these international clique of scum and their 1001 tricks. Because the Jews are globalists and international travellers they know so much about the tricks and naughty stuff they can play with, that when they move into a country, it is like putting a wolf among the sheep. The sheep have no clue.

Also, the only reason they can exist like this endlessly, is because they are never actually properly punished. They are able to escape from one nation (where they are utterly hated) and can rush to another nation that PROTECTS THEM! Thus they run off physically and with their money and they suffer very little loss and are almost impossible to punish. Thus they are ever more brazen. Their ability to play one nation against another is incredible. Unless nations can unite and work together with respect to the global Jewish scum, they don’t stand a chance.

It’s really quite a horrifying thing when you think about it closely.

The key issue is that (1) They can escape with their money (2) They can escape and remain protected elsewhere.

Those are the 2 key things that allow them to continue, almost ad infinitum, with this way of life.

What few of them are punished is really nothing. The payoffs are so huge and beneficial that they carry on like this.

The way they exploited Europe and played one white nation against the other, is almost insane.

We, as a race need to develop a racial code of ethics to counter this behaviour of theirs. e.g. If they flee from country A to country B then both they and their money are sent back so they can face the wrath of the whites they fled from. Just this simple process alone, would totally stuff up their age old practises.

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