Jews are Natural NATION WRECKERS – They can ONLY DESTROY AMERICA – They can’t build anything


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[This is a note I sent to someone about the latest show I did with someone regarding how Blacks from Africa get into America with great ease. Jan]

I wrote this:
With Jews you are dealing with the lower man (my term). Or to use Hitler’s term: Subhumans. The White man really must NEVER listen to SUBHUMANS – EVEN when some of the subhumans mean well. THERE IS NOTHING THESE PEOPLE CAN TEACH US.

As for Jews and "immigration" … they’re bringing insane amounts of HUMAN TRASH into America.

In the show we did we had "off the air chats". I know where the "migrant" is coming from. It’s from a very war torn, failed state in Africa that collapsed decades ago – and all these human garbage gets an easy ticket into the USA as "refugees". You’re getting HUMAN GARBAGE – I mean real trash and scum – not just low IQ, but people who are used to evil and demented ways of life.

I think Henry Ford nailed it when he said that whenever you get anything bad/evil going on … YOU’LL FIND JEWS THERE. And I’d add that this is BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THAT JEWS CAN BRING. Jews cannot create and build. They can only open doors that lead downhill. It’s like Blacks. Blacks can’t build, but Blacks can break. Jews can’t create new, better things. Jews can only engage in Nation Wrecking. They are NATURAL NATION WRECKERS. For them it’s like breathing. For them lying and wrecking is as natural as breathing is for you.

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