Jewish Weirdness: 10% of UK military – 13,000 military personnel off work or work from home due to COVID-19 – My Comments


[One thing which I find really fishy, and it unsettles me is how many military units and people are being taken out of service, apparently due to COVID-19. This kind of stuff can be extremely dangerous to nations. You now have people removing vital military personnel, on the basis of some hocus pocus nonsense. I saw that even NATO was affected. I see COVID-19 as a national security threat. Who are these people to come and start taking military people off duty. I don't like this. It can open up "security holes" in military forces and you never know what Jewish move takes advantage of that. Jan]

Almost one in 10 of the Armed Forces are off work or having to work from home due to coronavirus.

It was revealed on Thursday that 13,000 military personnel – 9.1% of the Armed Forces – are off work or having to work from home because they have COVID-19 symptoms themselves, a family member has symptoms, or they need to care for someone who is vulnerable.

The number of servicemen and women who have actually tested positive for coronavirus is understood to be less than 100.

The ratio of 9.1% is well below a figure of 20% of the public that was expected to be affected by the disease at the peak of the pandemic.

At least 11 individuals are known to have tested positive for coronavirus at Britain’s sprawling military base in the Falkland Islands.

There have also been at least two confirmed cases at a British military base in Cyprus.

The Armed Forces have been involved in the UK’s coronavirus response through actions such as helping to deliver protective equipment to hospitals, assisting in the construction of temporary NHS hospitals, and staffing drive-through testing sites.


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