Jewish Shill Mike Adams too funny: China will invade the USA … War with China


I was looking at some of Mike Adam’s videos and articles, including those with the worthless shill Alex Jones and also someone else I know very well from the past. I will rather not mention his name but he is someone I knew personally. I know all about his failed WW3 predictions.

I laughed the most as Mike Adams claims that China will invade the USA.

Now that is one dumb-ass stupid worthless prediction. It shows just what idiots these people are in their garbage analyses.

China is too worthless to invade Taiwan. China will never dare invade North America. China is so worthless it will not even dare take on Canada.

These people are dreaming their bunch of end time crap.

What a load of rubbish.

Any fighting between the West and China will take place at sea or in Asia. It won’t happen on Western soil LEAST OF ALL American soil.

What a bunch of pure garbage.

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