[I have on occasion, now and then, met the owner of He’s a Christian who pulls no punches regarding the Jews. He produces the greatest informative memes and photos which he’s been spreading around for YEARS. His research is good.

The ONLY Jewish story I do NOT believe regarding ritual murder or murder is the MacDonald’s story the “confession” by “Rabbi Abe Finkelstein”. I’ve listened to the audio and that is just a Jew messing with people’s heads. The notion that Jews grind up children which you eat at MacDonalds is nonsense. This is a Jew just messing with you and sending you off to make you look more foolish in the eyes of the “sleepers”, the whites and others who have not awakened to the evil of the Jew. So if you rush to them and say: In your MacDonald’s burgers are little children killed by Jews … then you’ll come across sounding as a nut.

For the Jews this mish mash of uncertainty … of truth meeting up with untruth is excellent for them. It allows one form of camouflage to hide a real crime. With the Jews you are always dealing with uncertainties and this is a DELIBERATE STRATEGY. That’s why for example the question of “Who is a Jew” is itself a bit of a mystery. Are you a Jew by belief or by parents or what? And the Jews play on these themes. They play on it to get the maximum they can and then to use it or misuse it according to their needs. So today Judaism is a religion. Tomorrow its your parents, but if they want to hide… then they come up with a story like they did with the communist Jew in South Africa called Ronnie Kasrils. This is a story I’ll tell in a video later.

But apart from the MacDonalds story, all the others are credible. There is the interesting story of Germans in America going missing and disappearing mysteriously in National Parks. So are Jews murdering Germans in America in National Parks? The owner of seems to think so. And to me that is good enough reason to dig more into this. The Jewish hatred of Germans is so pathalogical that we need to watch out for the Germans and the hateful Jewish treatment of Germans.

On this link I’m giving you is a lot of interesting stuff. I’ve also downloaded some of it for looking into later.

But I highly recommend that Jew-wise people follow Smoloko because they don’t muck around. The guy who runs it, does his utmost to put out good info on the Jews and the many many crimes that the Jews are constantly getting away with.

There is a video on Jewish Ritual murder and the narrator sounds to me like an Australian, but I think I’ve found references that he’s a New Zealander. He’s done awesome videos and I’ve got one that is extremely important which I’m going to show you and discuss. Its one of many things I’ve quietly accumulated for when I’m ready to get cracking with more intensity.

Does anyone know that narrator? Who is this New Zealander/Australian? He’s done really fine work, ALWAYS, first class stuff! Jan]

Click here to go to Smoloko to view Jewish Ritual Murder of Chritian (White) Children

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