Jewish perversion of US Sport & Baseball lies about the Greatest all time Baseball Players – Babe Ruth

[An American wrote these comments below about the Jews lying about Hank Aaron (Black) vs Babe Ruth (White). When I was in the USA in 2019, one American told me a fascinating thing about Jews and the major US sports. See my comments below. Jan]

Ed wrote this:Here’s an interesting baseball fact to demonstrate ONCE AGAIN what a bunch of lying murdering fraudsters jews are. Ask any baseball worshipper and i bet they won’t know this fact any more than they understand that hitler was right and that gas chambers and the holocaust are THE BIGGEST fraudulent hoax OF ALL TIME. Nigger hank aaron is hyped as the BIGGEST BESTEST BADDEST HOME RUN HITTER "OF ALL TIME" AND A SUPER GREAT BLAH BLAH BLAH DARKEY BIPED. But let’s compare apples to apples. Am I the greatest boxer of all time if I’ve won the most fights ? I’ve won 100 fights but lost 495 fights. The "not greatest boxer of all time" has won only 99 fights, but he’s won all 99 that he’s ever fought. Who is the better fighter? Thats an easy one, right ? So now we have this uppity nigtard hank aaron, who the jews have hyped as this super great home run hitting black man from the stars. He hit 755 home runs and babe Ruth (a white guy and "not greatest of all time") hit "only" 714. So the nigtard hit 41 more home runs than the white guy. HOWEVER, the nigtard played 800, yes EIGHT HUNDRED more baseball games to get those 41 additional home runs. So yall tell me who is the better home run hitter ??? Theres a reason that protestant reformer Martin Luther wrote a book titled, "The jews and their lies", and theres a reason why Jesus Christ called the jews "liars and murderers from the beginning just like their father the devil", and it AINT cause they tell the truth and don’t murder !! They MURDERED babe Ruth’s record with a LIE about a nigtard being better. If I play 6 million games of baseball, I can even beat babe Ruth’s(and the nigatrds) record and I suck at baseball. jews: same lies/murder, different day.

jews=lies/murder, EVERY… DAMN… TIME…


The above lies whereby the Jews present a Black as superior to a White, like Babe Ruth, is very much in keeping with the character of these filthy people. I agree with Ed, Babe Ruth is clearly the greatest. But for Jews, truth has no meaning and these propagandists will tell any lie in order to push their agenda. It is critical for the Jews to present Blacks as being better than they really are. These are among the many nasty nightmares that come from letting Jews into your country. Now they are turning everything on its head about the USA.

An American I was staying with in 2019, made a fascinating observation. He told me that Baseball was the most popular sport in the USA when he was growing up. He said that baseball was however dominated by Whites. He said he was convinced that Jews deliberately perverted US sport in order to bring Blacks to the fore and make them appear better than Whites. He said this is why basket ball and football are now more popular than baseball. The White sport has been sidelined and instead, White Americans are inundated with sports like basket ball and football where either very tall or very big blacks get to dominate. (And the Jews pay them incredible salaries). He was totally convinced that Jews perverted US sport in order to make Blacks look good.

I will add, that these Jews are also obviously making Whites ever more comfortable at the thought of Blacks being "superior". Slowly, the Jews are breaking down the Whites while building up the success of Blacks.

None of this surprises me. I’m convinced myself, that Black Success in the USA is an enormous Jewish fake. And that here in Africa and elsewhere, White FAILURE is stage managed just as Black success is faked and stage managed. There is no doubt about this.

This comes from bringing Jews into your country and then letting them run amok I’m afraid.

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