Jewish Liberalism is CRAP and does NOT work… Whites, especially Americans … DON’T BE FOOLED


I was just reading an article which I’m about to post. I just want to warn Whites everywhere, ESPECIALLY WHITE AMERICANS, that all the predictions and assorted junk and crap they put into your head about Liberalism, how it works, and how it has benefits and how non-Whites see you and react to you … IS ALL PURE CRAP.

It’s all pure rubbish.

The way non-Whites view Whites and how they think is not at all how the Liberals and the Jew crap are telling you.

WHITES MUST LEARN TO BE THEIR HONEST, DIRECT, TRUTHFUL SELVES. That, in the end, will give the best results of all.

Don’t listen to Liberals and Jews. They don’t know shit about other races.

The way we were, was fine all along.

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