Jewish Infiltration: Everything America and European Governments say is a LIE and ONLY the Russian Government tells the TRUTH! – Really?


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The White Right can at times have some very bad analysis. I see that the notion is widespread that EVERYTHING that comes from a Western Government IS A LIE by default, and that EVERYTHING that comes out of the mouths of the Russian Government, especially out of the mouth of the mouth of Putin IS TRUE.

This is nonsense.

People need to be much more analytical and people should check everything.

Whites across the world are either ruled by outright enemies or by traitors – this is true.

I have now had 15 months to study and watch the Ukrainians and the Russians closely, and I can tell you that the Russian Government and Putin himself can and do tell PROVABLE LIES.

Just because Jewish scum have run amuck across the Western World does NOT mean that every single thing in every single institution is itself rotten rubbish. This is NOT TRUE.

Some institutions are more rotten than others. Jews have been incredibly successful in some countries or industries or institutions. But they have been a lot more unsuccessful in others. The Military is an area which Jews really don’t like much and they don’t do well there. There are LOTS of proper White males in those areas.

Just because Jews control Hollywood or the Mass Media does not mean they control all the Police or the Military.

People need to be more discerning. We will revisit this topic.

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