Jewish Hijacking of Black Politics in America and South Africa

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Video: The Gods of War: Julius Caesar: Bravery can save you, Cowardice can KILL YOU!!
All Whites, including women should watch this. You will be amazed at what Whites were like 2077 years ago! In this video were not only look at a timeless lesson of war, but we also look at what Whites were really like. You will be amazed what White society was like in Europe and how Whites functioned.

This is a note I wrote to someone:

Take a look at Martin Luther King in the USA and Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Two Blacks with the same thing in common: They were communists AND they were supported and created by JEWS. Then you’ll find TRUE BLACKS – Blacks who supported Black Nationalism, like Malcom X, and you’ll see no funding, no propaganda from the Mass Media, etc. Nelson Mandela’s first boss when he went into law may be the guy who turned him into a white-hating communist. But notice the intensive fawning over: MLK and Mandela and then look at the massive Jewish links behind them. So my summary is: Jews have HIJACKED Black politics in Africa and America. We have blacks who are BLACK RACISTS, but Jews ignore them. Only the ones that are backed by Jews get the publicity.

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Video: More scientific proof that IQ is in hereditary - Jews lie for their Survival
I look at recent scientific evidence to see what scientists know about IQ. The Liberals/Jews and other scum like to pretend that IQ is NOT hereditary. They try by any means to misdirect whites away from this direction. But what does Science say exactly? Scientists have suspected for long that IQ is mainly hereditary. But if you believe things are hereditary, then you‘re heading down the path of ‘Scientific Racism‘ which is something Liberal/Jews do NOT like!

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