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[This is an analysis from 2006 comparing the US and EU economy. This was very accurate in many respects because they concluded that the US Economy was driven by untold masses of money being created out of thin air whereas Europe has a more solid economy. This was just 2 years prior to the 2008 Banking collapse! The US then reinflated with a passion with $700 billion to save the filthy Jews and the rich scum. But in 2020, that inflating has gone through the roof. The question in my mind is whether Europe has the greater economy? In terms of Whites, Europe should have the world's greatest economy. America should, in reality slip into 2nd place and that will allow to make Europe the greater power and EUROPE IS OUR RACIAL HOMELAND AND EUROPEANS ARE MORE RACIAL. Jan]

Here is the conclusion of the analysis:
Europe vs. USA: Whose Economy Wins?
2006 analysis

Who wins?
Comparing the economic performance of the European Union and the USA does not lead one to conclude that America has the more dynamic economy, or that it has performed better in the past or will do so in future. The most important feature of the comparison is neither the growth nor the unemployment record of the US and the EU. It is, rather, that US growth, unlike that in the EU, is funded by a dangerously high mountain of foreign debt. US external indebtedness, in turn, is driven by the US house-price bubble, enabling US consumers to spend more than they earn. Ironically, it is the EU which, together with China and Japan, continues to lend the money to the US which keeps their households spending and their economy growing.

The truth is that neither side ‘wins’ in this beauty contest. Europe merely does less badly than the USA in some crucial respects. Yes, while it is true that the core Eurozone countries could perform far better, Germany, France and Italy have quite different problems – in comparison both to the US and to each other – which require quite different solutions. Anybody who claims that the US provides a model which the EU should copy needs to consider the basic economic facts of the case.

You can read the full analysis here:

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