Jewish Censorship: White Teamwork … we’re slowly getting there… AND WE WILL UNITE AS A RACE!


Someone just sent me a link to a video. But what was pleasing was to see the story behind it. And I tell you, WE ARE GOING TO GET BETTER AND BETTER AND THIS WILL UNITE US!

Anyway, the story behind it was that the video was posted somewhere and the video was deleted by the Jewish Censors in less than an hour. But one of our brothers, sitting in another country, had grabbed it and downloaded it before it was deleted and he plonked it somewhere else and shared the link!

As I’ve said, we will search for the TRUTH and the TRUTH is what we will want… and in this process we are quietly helping each other.

This is wonderful stuff. The Internet is uniting us. The Internet is awesome. That is why JEWS and ELITE and assorted SCUM and shit, HATE IT!!!!

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