JEWISH CENSORSHIP: Google will fix a “bug” to HIDE the fact that Jews control Hollywood


[I’ve been writing computer software for over 36 years. I assure you there’s no BUG. Its simply that their algorithms were working correctly and finding the correct material. But the Jews clearly don’t like what the Google software is finding so the Jews want them to modify their algorithm. I suspect the Jews are chucking a whole bunch of algorithm changes into this. I recall reading quite a long time ago, maybe 2 years ago that the Jews were then already talking to Google and Microsoft (Bing search engine) and others. I strongly suspect that the Jews have already been forcing MANY software changes on Google and Microsoft and others … but that even this is not good enough. Ergo more Jewish nonsense.

Jews commit crimes and the Jews then rush around trying to avoid the karma that is coming to kick their teeth out. The BAD SAD NEWS is that the Jews manage to avoid their well-deserved karma far too many times. Far too much! This is the true sadness. Jews are NEVER punished even to 10% of what they DESERVE I’m afraid. Jan]

Look at how the Jews shut this man up:

Gary Oldman was forced to apologize after he claimed in an interview that Hollywood was ‘run by Jews’

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You can read the entire sickening article here:

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