4 Charts: GREAT NEWS: WHITES HAVE LIFT OFF: What the 2020 Election Fraud has really achieved!!!!


I spent some time studying the growth of Parler and Gab and I want to show you that we have some big stuff here. In many respects, I think it will be BETTER if Trump is run out of office due to (((Liberal))) election fraud. I’ll tell you why: If Trump wins and remains in power, then everyone will RELAX. Whereas, if Trump “loses” and Biden comes in, we will have the grounds for what the Christians refer to as “Righteous Anger”. We will have anger and outrage at someone WRONGED … in this case, Trump. This will provide a lot of ANGER and OUTRAGE and SHOCK that can be milked for the next 4 years.

JewTube’s CEO has proudly announced that she’s deleted 8,000 channels. She proudly states that she even had videos ripped off BEFORE they had 100 views. Isn’t that a Jewish communist or what hey?

Now let me show you why we should be happy. I have noted that there is a definite increase in the number of websites who run their own video content. What is missing are the metrics, the MEASUREMENT of how big this move is. I have no data. But if anyone comes across data and measurements then I’m VERY INTERESTED. I AM LOOKING FOR DATA OF ANY KIND. Data of things deleted on JewTube, as well as data of growth of our stuff.

Now let me show you some Alexa rankings of what happened to Parler and Gab, and then you’ll see how big this is.

I will look a bit deeper into finding ways of measuring the number of visitors websites get. But if you come across anything similar, let me know. I am constantly looking for data.

For this analysis, we’ll use Alexa. In the screen shot below, Parler ranked at 4,500. Look at how it jumped to 1,500:

The chart above is for 90 days. There you can see very clearly in 1 month, that it jumped 3,000 positions.

Using another tool, which tries to estimate the number of visitors, we see this turning into visits and the jump is from 6.5 million visits to over 29 million visits. Here is the chart for it below:

So every time that you go to the website it is 1 visit. I discovered that the total base of Parler is 2.9 million. So you have 2.9 million partially red-pilled people there. And most of them went there in the last month. In the above chart you can see the MASSIVE growth that Parler had. And it’s not finished. This is just the first month. It will probably level out, but it might grow at a much slower pace for months to come. This is ENORMOUS!

Gab is much smaller, but Gab is more to the right and people are still posting a lot about Jews on Gab. So how is gab doing? In the Alexa chart below, Gab was even losing some ground … until the election. Gab had dropped to a ranking of 8,500 and then it shot up to 6,800! Again, you can see it clearly happening in one month.

So how many visits does Gab get?

Gab was averaging just below 5 million visits per month and this was dropping to 3.9 million. So Gab was actually slowly losing ground! Then came the election fraud and … BOOM … 10 million new visits!!

So Gab’s activity TRIPLED as a result of the election. Parler’s visits increased by 5x.

Gab’s actual visitor base is estimated to be 863,000 people.

Now how does this compare with Twitter?

Let’s take a quick look at Bitchute versus Youtube. Now Bitchute was a direct offshoot of all the Jewish bannings on Youtube. Bitchute gets 40 million visits. Bitchute is BIGGER than Parler. Bitchute is definitely the greatest thing to ever come out of the White Right. Youtube gets 34 billion visits. That means Youtube is 831x larger than Bitchute. But, Bitchute is not there to serve the world. It is there to serve Whites. And 40 million visits per month is not to be sneezed at. Bitchute did grow from 32 million views to 40 million views in the time of the election.

So Bitchute might not be growing like a rocket, but how is Youtube doing? Super massive Youtube is not doing so well. I calculated this:

In the last month Bitchute GREW by 8 million visits. But can you believe, in this same month that has seen a spike of interest in the US election that Youtube’s estimated visitor traffic FELL BY 35 million views!!!!!

Youtube is totally FLAT in terms of growth! But the White/Conservative media is GROWING AT A PACE as seen by the statistics above!

Even though Bitchute is tiny, compared to Youtube, Bitchute’s increase is pretty damned impressive, a gain of 8 million versus a JewTube loss of 35 million!!


The Alex Linder Law of Politics/Red Pilling
We need to understand our place, in the scheme of things. Where do we, the hard core folks, fit in? Well, We might be tiny, but we are critical, because we’re the last stop on the road to Jews and Hitler.

Alex Linder has made this critical analytical observation: That once Whites begin moving to the right, the process does NOT stop there. Once they go to the right, they KEEP GOING TO THE RIGHT until they end up with Jews and Hitler. Alex has said that the JEWS know this. I am convinced Alex is right because that is why the Jews are censoring people like crazy. They are going wild TRYING TO STOP THE SPREAD OF EVEN THE SLIGHTEST THING. Why? Because they know that if you go SLIGHTLY RIGHT … that given time you will go TOTALLY RIGHT (if I may use the term right). In other words, you end up at JEWS!

So you must see this move for what it really will result in. Let’s skip forward 4 years. In 4 years time, these people who were freaked out by the election nonsense will have moved even further to the Right. They themselves will have red pilled other people. We are going to have a BIG GROWTH in the number of people READY TO LISTEN to messages about WW2, Hitler, Jews, etc.

And, the beauty of this is that most of these people will be angry Americans, in the USA, the land of Free Speech, where they, in their turn can have a global influence. Make no mistake, other Europeans have noticed the election steal and they too will be coming on board.

What we have here is an enormous things. This is the greatest marketing boost we have EVER HAD.

I’ll be frank with you, now that I’ve studied these numbers, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE TRUMP WIN! I don’t. And that is based on the selfish view that Trump being run out of the White House like a dog, and cheated … will give us the greatest impetus of momentum that we’ve ever seen. This is a chance to red pill Whites like never before.

I urge everyone, don’t just double your efforts, but triple or quadruple your efforts. We’ve got opportunities like we’ve NEVER HAD. I have anyway, concluded from my own analysis that we are GOING TO GAIN GROUND AT A FASTER AND FASTER PACE ANYWAY. COVID and Vaccines was an ENORMOUS BOOST all year long. But even before that, we were making headway. With COVID plus the Election fraud, we’re really going to get a BOOST like we’ve never seen.

We must all just knuckle down and dive in and hope that Trump really walks out of the White House. I was talking to another guy in the USA who does a radio show from Ohio and he told me that if Trump goes, then many of the financial benefits of Trump will also disappear. I know in DC alone, Trump boosted the economy massively during his time there.

Trump might not have bought us much as president. But Trump may give us the greatest boost we will ever get by leaving in this way. I do hope that Trump himself starts a media company. Even that will have off-shoots for us because it will at least have the main narrative of ELECtION FRAUD. Simmering angry bitterness is a powerful thing.

When I worked for the bank, about 15 years ago, when we were booming in property loans, our CEO once gave us a talk about happy versus unhappy customers. The CEO was White of course. The CEO made the point that many studies, especially in the USA, showed what happened when you had happy customers versus unhappy customers. The net result of it was this: If you make someone happy, they are likely to tell one other person. But if you make someone UNHAPPY, they will tell 3 other people! So the upshot: UNHAPPY PEOPLE are more embittered and will spread that message of bitterness MUCH FASTER – 3x faster in fact.

We also have the possibility, maybe of Biden being run out and the Mixed race Jewish Harris becoming the first female President of the USA. Its a vague possibility, but definitely something the Jews would love. Do you remember when Obama came to power that gun sales shot through the roof? Maybe there is even a Trump 2024, but I’m not holding my breath.

I repeat: If Trump is run out of office like a dog, and cheated and embittered, it will be the greatest boost we’ve had since COVID.

Let’s go over the cliff, into the abyss. Acceleration is better. Let the Jews lie, cheat and censor like crazy. We have a nice healthy, unstoppable White internet presence. They can’t stop us. White websites and videos are popping up all over like crazy. Our media is ready to fly. We need to be aiming for big things.

I also think the Jews will struggle to control Bitchute and Parler in the same way that the controlled Twitter and Youtube. And even if they do harm them, we have so many red pilled people that they will just boost other platforms. We have infinite possibilities in this Internet guerilla warfare.

Just dive in and work like a fiend and hope that Trump loses. If Trump starts a social media company that alone would be a big boost. Remember the Alex Linder Law of Politics: Once people go to the right, they keep on going further to the right. This is the path to White Freedom and liberation and revolution – EVERYWHERE!


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