Jewish Britain & the Weird heroes of junk capitalist society: Freddie Mercury who died of AIDS

I remember Freddie Mercury and Queen. They weren’t a bad band, and Mercury could sing pretty well – though they make out that his singing was as important as say Tesla’s inventions – and that’s not a valid type of comparison. Singers have their uses, but you can’t really treat them in the same way as you do say, real academics, scientists or military people.

But the British made a lot of hype about Mercury. I used to think he was a kind of demented White man. I had heard he was from Africa. To my amazement I discovered he was actually a type of Indian who grew up in British Africa.

Anyhow, Mercury was known as a womanizer and he was known for a lot of use of cocaine and sex parties. Anyway, when AIDS was first discovered, Mercury was one of the first of the very famous victims of AIDS. I suspect he was probably a bisexual. Anyway, he faded away, literally, and then died.

He is regarded as one of the greats of Britain. I wonder what other Brits from former times, would think of modern Britain, like say, King Richard the Lion Heart, or Henry the 8th or say Admiral Nelson – one of Britain’s greatest warriors. Would they have approved of the garbage half-Jewish Britain that exists today? I very much doubt it.

You can read about the weirdo Mercury here:

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