Jewish backstabbing of the US Army/Military in Vietnam & Korean War


Just an additional note on Lew Rockwell and the “lies” apparently of Hitler… and claiming “Hitler embraced the lie”. Duh! Hitler embraced nothing. Hitler deduced and realised by himself, from his own FIRST HAND OBSERVATIONS that this was happening. You can read Leon Degrelle’s statements on this.

I noted too that Lew Rockwell then says there are these same “back stabbing myths” about the US Military losing the Vietnam war.

No myths I say!

If you study the Vietnam war, you’ll see how the political system made it IMPOSSIBLE for the US Military to win in the war. They set all kinds of impossible criteria like the US troops, etc not being able to cross the border to smack the communist terrorists there. (Same problem by the way that South Africa and Rhodesia ran into).

Furthermore, if you want the best example of being stabbed in the back by Jewish communists, go no further than the Korean war, fought by the Anglo-American Western world and allies including South Africa. There was a big, big screw over of the white soldiers.

Jews have always been helping Jewish Communism and its non-white allies to taste DEFEAT when in fact there was no need for defeat.

Has the US Military been f*cked over by Jews? You bet … BIG TIME. Every move to fight communism during ww2 and after it was a big screw over.

Of course the grand daddy of all f*ck overs of white soldiers was to see to it that all of Eastern Europe was handed over to Jewish communism in the Soviet Union on a plate.

If you look closely you will see that the US Army even RETREATED out of territory they had conquered and it was handed over to communism and the whites were left in hell.

Vast numbers of white American men have DIED thanks to Jewish backstabbing in the wars after WW2.

The USA and the rest of the West lost lots of wars which could EASILY have been won.

Heck, McArthur wanted to NUKE Communist China in order to decisively win the Korean war. He got fired.

The Korean war, Vietnam, all the Liberation wars and many many other wars were LOST for no reason at all to Jewish communism after WW2 and you will see that Jews across the West including the USA were using mechanisms in order to STAGE MANAGE the failure of white soldiers who lost their lives and limbs fighting communism.


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