JEW SHOCK: More Jew nutcase crap making Whites crazy: YES, NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE REAL!!!!

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[I saw a discussion where people were freaking out because some Jew was involved in nuclear stuff and then they were panicking into saying … Nukes are not real. Sadly, to my HORROR, one of the White American men who I have a lot of respect for began saying … no nukes aren't real. So I sent him this terse email. I do understand that Jews stuff up everything they touch but just because Jews got involved in nuclear physics doesn't mean the entire science is fake. You would then have MOUNTAINS of explaining to do – e.g. Nuclear power stations generate electricity from America to Europe and even here in South Africa. Jan]

This is what I wrote:-
I’ve got to disagree with you. You clearly have not studied military stuff.

Everyone who ever sent me any claims that nukes aren’t real – I looked at – it’s total nonsense.
You can go and look at mountains of videos and info on nuclear tests done all around the world and even right there in Nevada.

Underground, above ground, etc, etc, etc.
Mountains of data.
Science data up to your eyeballs man.

Just because some Jews were involved doesn’t mean the whole science and technology was fake.

And you’d have to then explain not only why the US has nukes, but RUSSIA has nukes, Britain has nukes, France has nukes, China has nukes.

Seriously, you’re listening to clowns.

Just go and look at old military footage. There are mountains of the stuff on youtube.
Every conceivable experiment known to man – exploding nukes in space, at sea.

I had a buddy who worked at a nuclear plant here in South Africa – WE BUILT NUKES.

I personally knew an American nuclear physicist and read his papers.

Seriously. Don’t go down that path. You’ll end up like these flat earthers.

You’re better than that.


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