Video: 1986: Battle: Outnumbered American Waffen SS smashed the Jewish Defence league!


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Video: The Xmas I kicked the Jews out
People have asked me if I still talk to my Jewish friends? Heres the full story of what I did and the resulting consequences. This is how I awoke to the Jewish problem and what I did.

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One of the (bodybuilding) Jews said to one of the whites: We will KILL YOU!!! But the whites cleaned their clocks! And the Jew “commander in chief” ran away while the white men were smashing the other Jews.

The Jewish Defence League came with 16 Jews, ready to take on about 7 or 8 whites, and the whites cleaned their clocks!

This is the final battle of the JDL – Jewish Defence League. After this battle they could not muster new Jews for a fight. That is why Jews need blacks, stupid white Liberal retards and fat white girls to fight in their army!!!

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Die Boere Staat Party
Van Jan: Dit is die ENIGSTE politieke party in Suid-Afrika wat ek sal ondersteun. Ek het hul leier ontmoet en ken hul geskiedenis. *ALLE* ander Politieke Partye in SA is ‘n totale mors van tyd vir Blankes. Hierdie politieke party gee om vir Blankes. Hulle s: Ons veg vir ons Volk se Vryheid en Veilige voortbestaan in die nuwe Suid-Afrika!

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