Jan in Canada: With Paul Fromm: The Fash Bash & Boere Legion & AWB & USAF & Germans!

The above photo is of Paul and myself in Vancouver, Canada on 11 May 2019.

When I went to the USA earlier this year, I was careful to hide my possible plans to go to Canada. Paul Fromm played the key role in allowing me to go across Canada on a speaking tour.

I told him that to me, this would be “the icing on the cake” or the “cherry on the top” if I could get into and out of Canada and meet Canadians face-to-face and speak to them.

To my utter amazement we pulled it off, and my trip to Canada remains a highlight in my mind comparable with the Fash Bash, or perhaps even greater. I never truly believed I would get a chance to see Canada, nor meet Canadians and actually speak to them. So for me this was virtually a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The Fash Bash was really fun … I mean REALLY FUN! We whites were united by our hatred of a common enemy … JEWS! The things we did at the Fash Bash … were AWESOME! And our goal had been to remember Adolf Hitler on his 130th Birthday! No white man who has walked the face of this earth has been as lied about as Adolf Hitler. Of course, no NATION has been as lied about as Germany! 

Whenever I was with Canadians, I told them: This might be MY ONLY CHANCE TO EVER SPEAK TO YOU FACE TO FACE… and this is what I’m going to tell you… And I proceeded to give my lecture on the race wars of southern Africa which people outside Africa know almost nothing about.

Paul Fromm later sent me really nice compliments that some of the Canadians gave regarding my lecture.

I gained a deep respect for Paul Fromm during my trip. Paul does a lot of hard work, holding whites together, and I observed how he works with them. He also told me some of his ideas and things he learned from experience. I learned a LOT from Paul. I watched him in action. The pace was hectic and sometimes both of us were very tired. He would sit and fall asleep a bit. But he has amazing stamina for his age. Even when he was tired, he would sometimes just lighten up things. I have a lot of respect for him and his struggles in Liberal Jew-controlled Canada where whites are not allowed to think for themselves!

If Paul Fromm should ever get a chance to come to South Africa, I will do my utmost to return some of the kindness that he showed me when I was in Canada!

I also met French Canadians, and that was a fascinating twist which I will discuss later. I took a real shine to the French Canadians.

In Canada I also met (again) Monika Schaefer who had bravely been to The Fash Bash, and was detained on her return back to Canada! Monika is a brave, energetic woman. Courage is not something lacking in the Schaefer family!

I also met Brian Ruhe again. Brian had also been to The Fash Bash and Brian played a key role in video taping some events at The Fash Bash as well as video taping some of the events we had in Vancouver. The Vancouver part of the Canadian tour was really special as well. It is truly the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my life, and nothing, not even Cape Town in South Africa, can hold a candle to it.

I have gained a lot of respect for Brian and what he tries to do in Canada in terms of whites. It is a nightmare task to go out onto the streets of Vancouver and to try and sell racial ideas there, yet Brian does it. I can see the effort he puts in to these things, and I admire his courage and determination.

The Fash Bash was a great event, and I will discuss this later and put out more photos and info about it. The Fash Bash was really great fun. I’ve never been among so many happy white people. I thought it said a lot that Brian Ruhe and Monika had come to The Fash Bash. We had invited other Americans, and almost everyone turned it down. They were extremely negative towards it.

Paul Fromm had been invited to The Fash Bash and he tried to get into the USA, but for all practical purposes he is banned from the USA. He is also banned from the Jewish hell hole known as Britain. Paul would definitely have been at The Fash Bash were it not for US authorities. He is not even allowed to land in New York to change planes, etc.

Ever since I returned to South Africa at the end of May I’ve been as busy as a wild dog on steroids, doing a 1001 things. My entire year has been abnormal because of things that took place which caused me to try out new things that I had never tried before. It was the first time that I actually had people asking me to come and speak to them. In my almost 20 years of activism, I never once, was given the opportunity by anyone in SA to speak to them about politics or anything of importance. I was very much kept out of Afrikaans circles and was not welcome there especially among the White Right. Everything I did, I had to do alone. I had to investigate things alone and operate alone except for a handful of supporters. But nobody was interested in the things I had to say about politics, history or the future.

This changed when a “young” (to me anyone under 40 is young), Boer suggested to me that I actually do a talk and speak to people. This happened in November 2018. That is when the idea of a lecture was born. I actually only began work on the lecture in January-February 2019. It was then that suddenly, the Fash Bash idea also came up UNEXPECTEDLY. So for me, 2019 is an important year because it is the first time ever, that I began to be welcomed by others in person who wanted to hear my views. It was really quite surprising that the South African and American ideas came at such a similar time, from totally different and unrelated sources.

Many things happened in early 2019, and to be honest with you, I did not even BELIEVE that The Fash Bash idea was actually real. I did not even believe that these Americans would pay for me to fly to the USA. When they actually bought my ticket, I nearly fell on my back in surprise!

However, having worked on my lecture, I began to give it late in March and early April in South Africa.

How I met the Boere Legion was due to my trip to Coligny, Lichtenburg and Mafikeng early in 2018. I put out a message saying that I had evidence that blacks might get ready to attack the Whites in Coligny AGAIN and that I was on my way there. I basically encouraged whites to head to Coligny to assist the whites there if a black attack was coming. I sent out a voice message on my phone to this effect. This voice message went viral. For several hours thereafter, I was being phoned by whites from all over including security people who asked me what my evidence was. I sent them photos from an informant of mine. Then the head of the Boere Legion, Izak Van Zyl, sent out a voice message to everyone telling them to disregard the message from Jan, and that Coligny was not under attack.

I sent my message out on a Friday, and it kicked off a hell of a storm. But on the weekend I heard that Julius Malema’s people were going to be in Coligny to support some blacks who had murdered a farmer. At this time there was a LOT of violence in the Northwest Province, especially in Mafikeng. So I went to Coligny and I waited for the EFF there, but they never pitched up. They were nowhere to be seen. I was even in the court for a while. Then I went to Lichtenburg where I met the security guy for a farming organisation and then I headed to Mafikeng where I saw the damage and violence of the blacks. I have many photos of this trip that I have never published, and I will be publishing these and many other things in the months to come.

As a result of my run in with Izak Van Zyl, I then found his email address and I sent my photo evidence from my informant to him and to Steyn Van Ronge of the AWB. I never got a reply from Steyn Van Ronge, but I did get a nice reply from Izak that evening. This is how I then began to make actual contact with the Boere Legion.

Later, I met the 2IC of the Boere Legion, Christo along with the leader of USAF (they were involved in the botched secession), Rodney. We had spoken of ideas we wanted to co-operate on. Among the ideas I put forth, was that I want to build an online shop relating to my websites, that is aimed at whites. However, after that discussion I had so many other things that interfered with that plan that it is only NOW, in July 2019, that I’m finally actually busy working on my online shop, which you will see shortly.

After meeting Christo, I then went to several Boere Legion meetings in my area where I met more people.

Thus, when I was ready with my lecture, I invited Izak and others of the Boere Legion and people I knew in Coligny to attend the very first presentation of my lecture. That was when I first met Izak in person along with some of his senior officers.

One of their officers liked my lecture so much that he asked me to present it to an officer’s meeting the very next weekend in Ventersdorp. I did that and it went down very well.

Since then, the Boere Legion and USAF have launched a virtual country known as Zuidland, and they’re busy with many other things. I will need to catch up with them about the many things they’ve done.

The reason my online shop has interested them, is because of some things that I stated as my goal in moving forward with this. I told them I’m totally banned and stopped from receiving donations or doing anything related to money. Advertising is often (but not always) banned from my website. I was demonetised and chased off Youtube when things were going well for me. I explained to them, that because I’ve been demonetised, I now want to make it my business to try and find ways of trading so that whites can trade with other whites without interference. That is what interested these other groups. We have been talking about white unity in SA and how we can move forward as a group.

All my trips prior to me leaving South Africa for the USA and Canada were recorded, and I will be putting out photos from these things which I’ve been doing.

There is a truck load of stuff to get out, regarding what I did in SA and the USA and Canada. I even want to get out photos from my trip to violent Mafikeng last year.

Mafikeng was the worst violence since Coligny in 2017 when the blacks were burning down the houses of whites. The only other major violence I had studied prior to that was the violence in Pretoria West between whites and blacks which was extremely nasty. However, the whites SUCCESSFULLY drove the blacks out of their suburb … a truly amazing feat.

It is only now that I’ve finally begun catching up on many things that needed fixing including my ailing servers, email and website problems. You’ll be hearing more from me, and then you’ll see what I was up to; where I went, who I met and what I did.

All in all, it was great fun, and I am more positive than ever about whites.

I think of Alfred Schaefer who is in jail, and his deep belief in GERMANS … and I think my view about whites in general is similar. Alfred and I used to discuss many things when we did interviews, and I could see how he was thinking regarding Germans in particular. I think that whites generally are heading forward along an interesting path, and I don’t think we’re just going to fold as a race – not even here in South Africa.

In my book, Government by Deception (2001), I wrote a chapter about South Africa called: THE WHITES’ LAST STAND – about a massive race war here and why I believed we could survive it (and maybe even win it). I remain a firm believer, in 2019, that we whites can, should and MUST stand up for ourselves in the face of massive black oppression. I think even we, the most outnumbered whites on the PLANET, can survive and even win – despite being outnumbered 11:1. That’s why I remain here firmly in the belief that this is an important part of our front line.

I am however happy to see how whites are waking up everywhere, and I am more positive than ever that the WARRIOR inside us can come out. Everyone thinks we’re dead and finished, but I think the White Race has many aces up its sleeve and those who think they can kill us and exterminate us are in for a VERY NASTY SURPRISE. Jan.

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