Jan and a helper: Working to reply to messages … even 15 months old…

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[I have been doing a lot of work on trying to reply to people who have left me all sorts of messages on the contact pages of my websites, especially History Reviewed, and then afterwards AfricanCrisis.

I deliberately left the messages for months because I was trying to do other things.

Eventually with the help of a Boer, I got myself someone who will assist me. It is a poor Afrikaans lady. I told the guy I desperately need someone RELIABLE who I can work with. My attempts at getting volunteers and help really did not work. People are extremely unreliable many times. Only a handful of people are truly reliable. And I also need someone who actually LISTENS and FOLLOWS INSTRUCTIONS. So this Boer friend said he had someone for me. She’s actually been waiting for me to get myself sorted out! Going to the Fash Bash, the USA and Canada actually prevented me from finishing this task earlier.

I’m probably sitting with over 1,000 messages that need to be replied to.

I have a small budget to pay her with. Though I could use her services a lot more. I do hope that as time goes by that I can pay her more. I pay her an hourly rate, which I think is fair.

With time, I would like to get people who help me or work with me, to get money from the things I’m doing. But its important to get people with a good work ethic.

Many years ago on AfricanCrisis I tried volunteers. And I will be making use of some volunteers for a few things and to “test them out”. But ultimately I need to try to turn my activities into something that is self-financing.

Another experiment is going to be my online shop…

My “PA” (Personal Assistant) and I will be working through lots of messages from supporters. So even if you wrote to me in March 2018, you might get a reply.

I think it will take months to go through everything.

Use the Contact us forms on my websites if you want to contact me for whatever reason.

NB: If you have subscribed to my mailing lists – I have seen that my emails have been blacklisted. So my emails can easily end up in your SPAM TRAY. SO PLEASE WATCH YOUR SPAM TRAY.

My goal is to try to plod along regularly and to deal with messages sent to me. So be patient.

If you’ve subscribed to my mailing lists – also do not worry if you did not get emails immediately. For a long time I have not sent out regular emails.

Also, the annoying popups on the website are another bug I need to fix.

I have a ton of things on my plate.

My whole life has turned on its head since I decided to work on lectures and then also with the trip to North America. I’ve also had problems at home including a black who stole stuff from me. I’m basically alone, trying to get all sorts of things working which have been giving problems. Remember, my hosting was banned in March 2018 and I lost many of my other websites, which have never recovered.

Even sending out emails was a mission because I was banned from using conventional mailing lists. I therefore have to find all sorts of other ways of doing things by myself, and its extremely tedious.

Keep an eye open for my online shop. That is itself a huge task because the Jews are even shutting down bank accounts of people. They’ve gone beyond shutting down Paypal, to shutting down Credit Cards and Checking accounts, etc.


My goal is to try and run things more smoothly and properly … despite the harassment and endless problems.


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