Israel-loving corrupt Dr Fauci – the Key to American COVID deaths & self-enrichment over dead people

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When I look at the data that’s come out of the USA, it seems to me that all of the COVID nonsense in America really revolves around the person of Dr Fauci. Fauci is not only corrupted by the Jews and close to them (e.g. Israel gave him a $1 million "prize"). But Fauci is also linked to companies that produce REMDESIVIR. Remdesivir seems to be the drug that is being pushed on Americans as the cure for COVID. However, Remdesivir is a bad drug and even a dangerous drug that can kill you.

There is a war in the USA over Ivermectin especially, which is totally safe and CHEAP. But Remdesivir is EXPENSIVE and linked to Fauci, the Bushes and Schultz, etc. In other words Fauci seems to be pushing a bad medicine due to financial gain, while killing a cheap, safe, real solution that has been proven over and over again.

CORRUPTION – PERSONAL WEALTH … and Jews seem to lie at the heart of all the weird, bizarre COVID crap. e.g. Hospitals getting paid more for COVID.

Fauci seems to be a dirty, disgusting, Jew loving, corrupt scumbag who is lining his own pockets and almost deliberately killing Americans.


And Jews are everywhere killing off Ivermectin especially, the best solution. e.g. The Jew hag who runs Youtube is killing off Ivermectin videos.

A member of my own family cured himself of COVID here in South Africa through nothing more than Ivermectin. Here in SA lots of Whites and even non-Whites are well aware of Ivermectin and people are using it to self medicate and they are fine. Some, like my family member, never even bothered to go to a doctor. He self medicated and was fine within a week.

In India, in one province, of 200 million people, they pushed Ivermectin and I think they had zero deaths – in a population almost the size of that of the USA.

There are definitely creepy Jewish associations and corruption, and Israel/Jew loving things going on … along with SELF ENRICHMENT and ABUSE of their own position. Fauci seems to be a dirty bag of shit to be honest.

It seems as if lots of actual deaths – by the hundreds of thousands, can be laid squarely at his feet.

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