IS THIS GOING TO BE GOOD FOR WHITES!? – 50 Million Tourism jobs to be lost thanks to Jewish Corona Virus panic – My Initial thoughts


This was posted on Alex Linder’s pieville:

The global coronavirus outbreak means millions of travel and tourism jobs are at risk, says a leading industry body.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) says up to 50 million jobs could be lost because of the pandemic.

Its chief executive, Gloria Guevara, said the outbreak “presents a significant threat to the industry”.

I posted this briefly:

If the Jewish induced corona virus panic destroys 50 million tourism jobs it might in the long run be a good thing. I have wondered for long whether tourism as a huge industry is actually healthy for Europe, America & the West. This might be the biggest positive consequence. I will be sorry for many whites who lose their jobs, but it will take us towards a new REALITY where we must all focus on real things. I have many issues with tourism and hated it in S.A. I will explain later

Let me explain a bit more:

I have watched tourism even in South Africa, where whites were coming from overseas to South Africa and then whites get robbed or even killed in Africa. I never liked the way that LOCAL SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM COMPANIES (probably mostly Jew owned), were always downplaying crime and murder in the country. They were always LYING about the dangers here, and whites would come here and be lied to, misled or even being killed. I hated that.

Europe is beautiful, and so is North America. White civilisation is fantastic, and I’m glad things are being kept in good condition. But I wondered many times whether it was good bringing in all the Third World and others into Europe, etc.

I have pondered why do we have economies based on services only instead of manufacturing, science, and other more important things.

The Jews have shipped European, British and North American industries to China while the West becomes merely a services sector. London for example exists almost only for “banking services” to the rich, the tax dodgers, the crooks, criminal organisations, Jews and other scum.


Maybe the panic over the corona virus will cause enough mayhem that society will change as it did in the past. It will force whites to put pressure on politicians. Maybe job losses will be the best thing to come out of the corona virus.

It adds to my feelings that the 2020 decade is going to be much wilder than the previous ones. Its about time. We Whites need to roll up our sleeves, get our guns and start fixing things.

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