Is Sidney Powell Alt-Right to the core? My thoughts on Sidney Powell – 105,000 Tweets?

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I was doing a bit more reading, dispassionately about Sidney Powell. I was very concerned that Trump fired her from his legal team. However I did some digging and I see she has had a law firm for quite some time, and that she was involved in high profile stuff. I also discovered that she tweets at an unbelievable level. It is said she sent 105,000 tweets … which is truly an astounding amount.

I think that Sidney is using the situation AGGRESSIVELY for her own purposes. However, I don’t have a problem with someone pushing their own agenda forward as long as it is a genuine agenda that will help the people and promote genuinely better things, which I think is DEFINITELY the case.

I think she is too aggressive for Trump and his team, but that she is genuine. She clearly has some money and power of her own.

IF she carries through on her promises and she lands punches in favour of Trump and aggressively attacks the election fraud then I really have no problem.

She seems to be "politicised" and pushing an Alt-Right (I think) agenda. So she may just be a new phenomenon, an AGGRESSIVE white with a bit of money and the right type of power to fight this battle – which in this case is legal.

So power to her.

My main requirement is that she get into ACTION and start getting RESULTS. If so, then I’ll be delighted.

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