Is Professor Jordan Peterson a German hating, Hitler hating Jew?

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I see Jordan Peterson is very active, and I must tell you that I find myself saying that ONLY a JEW could say the things he says.

My late Boer NAZI pal, who died in March 2021, was of the view that Jordan Peterson IS A JEW.

I have been vacillating on this point, but the point my Boer NAZI pal (Real Name: Fanie), made was his first name “Jordan”. Because that is like the river Jordan. That would be a Jewish name.

I detest his German hating. But there is a video where he spoke about Hitler, and the venomous filth he put forward was Jewish crap of the highest order. I just about blew a gasket when I watched it.

Nobody seems to have found or proved his roots, but he’s either a Jew or a crypto-Jew or the most filthy, disgusting shabbos goy that walks around.

There is something about Jordan Peterson that needs to be uncovered. This is either a Jew or one of the prime Jew assets.

That man reviles me. I don’t listen to anything he says. I watched a bunch of his videos some time back and I walked away with contempt for this bag of shit.

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