Is King Charles Homosexual? – A recurring theme for decades … is he homosexual or bi-sexual?

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[I normally don't really care or ask about people's sex lives. But the British upper class British, with their Jewish twists, have such a penchant for boy sex and male sex that this does interest me. I've mentioned a long time ago that the best analysis of the British Royal Family is that they are half-Jewish. I saw people sharing stuff about King Charles being gay and that it is a FACT and that there is a panic about it. I did some digging, and the GLOBE who published it, is a very unreliable source. However, there is a book coming out which mentions this. But I found the following article which seems to me to be the most balanced of all. It explains things in a much clearer way. There is also a discussion about a tape that Princess Diana had, which has since been seized and it's disappeared. I wouldn't say it's a certainty that Chales is a homosexual or bisexual. But I would say that there seems to be a very real possibility that there is some strange stuff there. Let's give the odds as say, 30% or 40% that there is something weird going on there. Here's the article. BTW, I think I must stop using the "Jewish" propaganda term of "gay" and rather use the proper term of Homosexual in the future. Jan]

By:Radar Staff

Sep. 14 2022, Published 5:00 a.m. ET
King Charles III has taken over as head of the monarch after his later mother Queen Elizabeth passed this week — with his wife Queen Camilla by his side — but the Royal has been dogged by gay rumors for decades.

The twice married and father of two strapping son has dealt with whispers it was all a beard to cover up his shocking secret life. Even his first wife Princess Diana raised questions about her husband’s sexuality. She recorded palace valet George Smith’s claims that he’d actually caught Charles in bed romping with a male aide.

And there has been more talk over the years about alleged trysts between the now-King of England and various guys. “Rumors that Charles might be gay or bisexual have plagued the Royal family for years, ever since his marriage to Diana hit the rocks,” said one source.

It’s well known that throughout his 15-year marriage to Di, Charles was caught carrying on with the wife of one of his close friends, Camilla Parker-Bowles, whom he ultimately wed in 2005.

In 2011, a high-placed Palace source revealed to that even then, “many believed his romance with Camilla was just a cover for his real lifestyle.”

The most devastating accusation came from former palace servant Smith, a gay man and a military veteran who suffered mental problems from his service. Valet Smith claimed that he was bringing Charles his breakfast in bed and stumbled upon the Prince and an “unmistakably sexual position” with a male aide.

Charles’ supporters blasted the servant’s tale, declaring the man was a serious drink with mental issues. Also, Smith had a grudge against the man he said was romping with Charles. Smith charged that the man, later identified as Palace valet Michael Fawcett by “Majesty” magazine editor Ingrid Seward, has sexually attacked him — twice!

“Mr. Smith claimed the aide raped him in 1989 and later tried to assault him again while they were accompanying the Prince of Wales on a tour to Cairo,” said a newspaper source. Scotland Yard investigated the rape claims but later dropped the case when Smith decided not to press charges.

Still, Di recorded Smith’s shocking story on an audiotape which was later found in a locked box following her tragic 1997 death in a car crash in a Paris tunnel.

“It’s clear from the tape that Diana may have had her doubts about the Prince’s sexuality,” noted Royal author Nicholas Davies. The tape has mysteriously disappeared. But newspapers around the world carried stories about the gay rumors, and Charles was forced to deny being a homosexual.

Camilla stood by Charles and branded the Smith story as ridiculous. “It’s all nonsense, she said. “The bitter ramblings of a disturbed alcoholic.” Smith died in 2005 at the age of 44.

Fawcett continued to be a part of King Charles’ inner circle for decades and worked for his foundation up until 2021.


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