Is Dr Coleman a Jew in a chair? Time to Review Vernon Coleman, Darling of the Half-Awake Alt-Media


[I had decided to say nothing but I wondered many times whether Coleman wasn't just a Jew. An American lady has done some research. Jan]

“The Old Man In A Chair” Vernon Coleman is a darling of the half-awake alt-media. He presents himself as the most intelligent man on the planet. But he never identifies jews as jews.

Ignorant or complicit? And —

The most important question on the planet to ask someone of dubious origin is: Are you a jew? And so, let’s weigh the evidence presented and render a verdict. Is Vernon Coleman a jew?

If you haven’t done any research on him yourself, you’re likely in for some surprises.


Special: Is VERNON COLEMAN ‘Old Man in a Chair’ a jew? | MyWhiteTV

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