Is Biden a sign that White America has finally lost all control to the Jews?

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I was looking at a lovely meme created by Alicia where she quoted Biden talking about Jews.

As we know, vast crowds of WHITE AMERICANS voted for Trump and whites are still, technically, the majority in the USA.

But here is the HORROR we are staring in the face: Have the WHITE AMERICANS PHYSICALLY LOST CONTROL OF AMERICA TO JEWRY?

Just ponder that … if the mass of whites voted for Trump … but Biden at over 290 electoral college votes is technically the president during this stolen election. The SCALE of FRAUD is akin to that of a Third World nation like Zimbabwe.

So just ponder this: The whites of America vote en masse for someone … and the way the "counting" works (Soviet Style), they are disenfranchised. In effect, the votes from the 200 million white Americans now mean nothing!!!!

Just ponder the horror of the scale of this election … that 200 million whites no longer can chart the course of the USA!!!

The Jews wanted anyone except Trump.

And the will of 8 million Jews overshadows the will of 200 million white Americans.

Just ponder that.

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