Internal communications at Twitter reveal staffers bragging about deplatforming Trump

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[I think Musk buying Twitter is going to be really fun. He has said he wants it to be "more outrageous" like Twitter. I think that could work for our side. I think it could really work. Jan]

Newly uncovered internal messages between Twitter staffers contemplating whether they should ban a notable conservative account shows them bragging about “successfully” kicking former President Donald Trump off the platform.

The staffers were discussing whether they should suspend and/or permanently ban the Libs of TikTok account, a huge conservative influencer whose only ‘crime’ is pointing out the hypocrisy, lunacy and dangerous insanity of the left. The account has already been suspended three times for offending the uber-liberal sensibilities of Twitter staffers.

The employees themselves appear to be little more than far-left activists judging by their internal discourse. In their back-and-forth, they said the Libs of TikTok account ought to be permanently banned after accusing the woman who runs it of encouraging violence against ‘marginalized community members,’ which is nothing more than an excuse the left uses to punish people they don’t agree with.

“This has been escalating for months…but our expectations out of Twitter are so low right now that the devil himself is having to squat to get to their level,” a Twitter employee said on the corporate chat platform Slack.

“Like I don’t get how this account, which exists solely to generate targeted violence at marginalized people, continues to be allowed to post,” they added.

The staffers continued debating about deplatforming the account but then wondered if the decision would only provide further proof that Twitter is massively biased against conservatives.

“But if we deplatform this account we might erode trust in our platform from users who already think we’re irredeemably biased against conservatives,” an employee wrote.

Then another responded by bragging about how the platform managed to “successfully” kick Trump off after he was wrongly blamed for causing the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building in 2021.

“I mean we successfully deplatformed Trump – I don’t think deplatforming Libs of TikTok is going to cause a mass exodus but I guess it may not be in our ‘fiduciary’ interest to enact a ban on a high profile account right now…,” another employee responded, a reference to the pending purchase of the platform by SpaceX and Tesla founder and billionaire Elon Musk.

The Post Millennial went on to note:

Employees say that Libs of TikTok, who frequently exposes inappropriate behavior from within the LGBTQ community through using their own videos, is trying to enact genocide against the trans community.

“Trans people are being targeted for genocidal violence during pride month,” an employee wrote.

Another employee responded by writing, “I despise and despair the activity that is currently flourishing on our platform and empowering white supremacists /fascists to act with impunity in conducting harmful emotional and physical violence on trans folx and the broader LGBTQ+ community” — a claim that is 100 percent false in every way, unless of course, you consider the hate-filled vile that comes from any Muslim leader.

TPM adds:

The internal chats were first published by Libs of TikTok on Substack Monday night where they stated that they confirmed the identities and employment of all individuals in the group message before redacting their names and photos.

The discussion for a potential ban came mere hours after Media Matters employees took to Twitter to say the Libs of TikTok account was going to be responsible for the death of LGBTQ+ individuals. Ari Drennen, the LGBTQ Program Director for Media Matters posted a series of tweets attacking Libs of TikTok account and the woman who runs it, Chaya Raichik. “Chaya Raichik of Libs of Tik Tok is going to get someone killed,” Drennen said.

For his part, Musk, upon being alerted to the discussion, fired off a warning of sorts — on Twitter.

“A platform cannot be considered inclusive or fair if it is biased against half the country,” he wrote, in response to the Twitter employees’ posts.


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