INSANE: RHODESIA: WHITE ELECTRICITY is all that is working in Zimbabwe – SA caused Zim electricity collapse!


[This story needs some serious unpacking. Let me explain it. You won't believe what this really means. Zimbabwe has several electricity generation facilities, but of them, Lake Kariba was a hydroelectric scheme completed in 1958 in Rhodesia, which was under White rule. In volume it has 4x as much water as China's Three Gorges Dam. It turns out that Zimbabwe's entire electricity grid has collapsed recently and nothing is working except for Lake Kariba which is now 63 years old! So the Blacks are scrambling to try and get their newer, failing generation facilities to work. But get this. Why is their grid collapsing right now? Answer: Because of SOUTH AFRICA! South Africa's electricity is collapsing, so South Africa bought electricity from Zimbabwe and South Africa overloaded the Zimbabwean grid and caused the collapse! So … in all of this chaos of South African collapse causing Zimbabwean collapse … The only electricity generation plant left running in Zimbabwe is Rhodesian built Lake Kariba! Despite lots of BAD MANAGEMENT … that is still the only thing keeping the country going. We Whites in Rhodesia were very proud of Lake Kariba. In the story below look at the chaos caused in Zimbabwe by the overloading coming from South Africa! Hahahaha. If only we Whites were MALICIOUS … we could have so much fun here in Africa. Jan]

Imports from neighbouring South Africa overloaded its network and caused generating plants to fail, Energy Minister Soda Zhemu said.

Zimbabwe faces prolonged power outages after a surge in electricity imports from neighbouring South Africa overloaded its network and caused generating plants to fail, Energy Minister Soda Zhemu said.

The surge caused a nationwide blackout in the early hours of Monday, as it affected output at the Kariba hydropower plant and the coal-fired Hwange facility, Zhemu said by phone Monday from the capital, Harare.

Generation has since been restored at Kariba and it’s the only one of the nation’s five plants that is working, while engineers are trying to restore output at the Hwange units, he said.

“Demand is outweighing internal power-generation capacity,” Zhemu said.

Kariba produces 1 014 megawatts of electricity, compared with national consumption of about 2 000 megawatts, according to the Zimbabwe Power Co.’s website. Zimbabwe doesn’t produce enough of its own power and relies on imports from neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique to meet demand.

In parts of the city center in Harare on Monday, businesses were using diesel generators to run their operations.

Eskom didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.


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