INSANE: Former (Jewish) President of France: Sarkozy: Whites MUST be FORCED to interbreed with Blacks!


[Its almost impossible to conceive this is real, but the French President Sarkozy had the gumption to tell the French people some years ago that if they did not willingly interbreed with non-whites that the Govt would force them to interbreed.

If you look at Sarkozy’s background, his father is a Greek Jew who apparently converted to Christianity to marry his mother. The bottom line is that Sarkozy clearly has Jewish links.

He even claimed that interbreeding whites with blacks was the “challenge” of the 21st century! I know, its impossible to make this shit up, but there you have it! Here are some memes and quotes from him that people have made. You can’t believe this piece of dog shit was the President of a European country! But there you have it … Jews at work on White Genocide! Jan]

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