Important thoughts from Reverend Matt Hale of Creativity & jailed Political Prisoner


[Some great thoughts from Matt! Much to think about! Jan]

Friends and Supporters: Matt sent his quote for today! Ms. H
"We have to face the fact that we live in a profoundly anti-White society. At every turn, White people are demonized, belittled, and otherwise abused. Where all of this is headed seems obvious–that the haters of our people would like us all to become as extinct as the dodo bird–but what is most striking of all is that in our particular case, the ‘dodo birds’ all too often are leading the chorus of destruction. This just goes to show the power of indoctrination by the Jewish controlled media and educational system; we allowed the children of our race to be ‘nurtured’ by the boob tube and anti-White teachers and are now seeing the results of such long-term negligence: ‘Antifa,’ Whites screaming ‘black lives matter!’, and other assorted bizarre examples of White people hating themselves. On other hand, the more insane the present society becomes, the more that other, still SANE White people will wake up to the danger which confronts their kind. We can rejoice in the latter fact and pin our hopes upon it, for a patient must first be made AWARE of the cancer that is growing within his body if he is to be expected to fight it."
Matthew Hale


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