IMPORTANT SUMMARY: Huge Jewish Win in South Africa – What it really means


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Video & Audio: How to think like a Genius Napoleons advice
Many Whites seem to be confused regarding skill and excellence. I look at some discussions Napoleon had in his final days regarding what exactly constitutes genius. We also look at a NAZI SS genius scientist, Werner Von Braun as proof of a man who achieved the impossible.

IMPORTANT: The GNU (Government of National Unity) has just been formalised, and it looks like a Jewish win all the way. The "White" (Jewish owned and controlled) DA – is now part of the government with the ANC. I’ve mentioned the Black Jew President of South Africa, Ramaphosa for years now. Ramaphosa played a huge role in making this happen. This has caused quite a lot of Blacks to split off to Zuma’s MK. The Blacks hate everything White, even Jewish Liberal stuff. The GNU is: ANC, DA (Total Jewish racket) and IFP – (Anti-Anc Black Zulus who worked with Whites under Apartheid). This means: MK (Zuma) and EFF (Malema) are out. NOW LISTEN TO ME: This is going to be a huge shock to Black voters. Large numbers of Blacks are not going to like this. This will do massive damage to the ANC. Watch how in the coming years, Blacks move to MK and the EFF. Jews and the Rich were behind this. After 20 years of trying to divide Blacks, they finally succeeded! The RICH defeated the Blacks – for now.

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