S.Africa: Election 2024 issues: The Black Jew President Cyril Ramaphosa has lost his grip on ANC NEC amid GNU talks with DA


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President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership stands on shaky ground as calls for him to resign by some of the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) members continue to mount after the party failed to win an outright majority in the 2024 General Elections.

Highly placed sources within the NEC say there has been a significant shift in the balance of power away from Ramaphosa, particularly following a move to push through an ANC-DA coalition government.

This follows the latest NEC meeting of the ANC last week, where the party discussed its various options to forming a new government.

According to the sources, the ANC-DA coalition was defeated, with the NEC favouring a more measured Government of National Unity GNU.

However, this too, is currently proving problematic due to reported attempts from within the ANC to frustrate parties like the EFF and MKP out of any discussions.

The GNU talks are still underway with different political parties in a bid to bring about a new government.

In addition to not winning an outright majority the ANC has also lost its Parliamentary majority for the first time since the dawn of democracy.

It got 40.18% support forcing them to get into bed with other parties to govern the country.

Speaking to IOL, political analyst Professor Sipho Seepe said Ramaphosa was likely to face the fallout after the election results.

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Ramaphosa indicates ANC will seek to form a national unity government in South Africa

He noted that if an ANC-DA coalition was pushed through, it could spell the end of Ramaphosa in the ANC.

Seepe said Ramaphosa should not even be asked to step down because “he failed to deliver” but should fall on his sword.

“Any leader who has any integrity will not be forced to step down from the position. The election outcomes were disastrous… Ramaphosa is obsessed with the idea of being a president,” he said.

Seepe explained that it was a wrong move for the president to even consider talks with the DA after it had opposed many of its policies over the years including the recent signing of the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill.

“Don’t be surprised when people take you as the enemy. The DA has opposed many policies of the ANC, so why go with a party that has always pushed you around.

“This is the same party that suggested it would take further steps on the Phala Phala matter,” he said.

Seepe took a swipe at some of the NEC members that are allegedly silent and supporting Ramaphosa because they were protecting their “supper” and pockets.

According to Seepe, the issue of Phala Phala saga was enough for him to step down as president.

Sources who spoke to IOL highlighted the growing influence of ANC Chairperson Gwede Mantashe, Deputy President Paul Mashatile, and Nomvula Mokonyane over the NEC as a sign of the shifting power dynamic within the party.

"Ramaphosa has lost the NEC and this is going to prove detrimental to him in the next few weeks or months. The push for a DA coalition by those loyal to the president was widely rejected by the NEC," said one source.

This comes after Sunday World reported at the weekend that the ANC NEC was concerned that those close to Ramaphosa were trying to engineer ‘side deals’ with the DA.

The meeting, apparently widely rejected a coalition with the DA and was said to be in favour of an ANC, IFP, EFF, and PA coalition – the possibility of the MK Party joining the coalition was still on the table.

"The NEC could not bring itself to work with the DA and prefers the so-called ‘black pact’ grouping. Ideologically it makes sense for the ANC," said the source.

The sources intimated that the sense from the NEC was that if the ANC-DA coalition was pushed, it would all end horribly for Ramaphosa.

"The NEC will recall him if this line continues. The last meeting was a clear indicator of this. In fact, the GNU could very well have a different president in a couple of months. That is how fluid the situation is right now," another source said.

Seepe claimed that the ANC-DA coalition would be the total end of the ANC.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-za/news/other/just-in-president-cyril-ramaphosa-has-lost-his-grip-on-anc-nec-amid-gnu-talks-with-da/ar-BB1o0BUw?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=a0604824bd2f4a468c910df7e98b0639&ei=11

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