IMPORTANT: S.Africa: 2 Young Muslim Twins plotted attack on US Embassy & Jewish institutions & wanted to join ISIS – My Comments

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[We have a pretty decent sized Muslim community in South Africa, and there was a time when the CIA came to South Africa and nabbed Muslims quietly. I'm busy gathering old photos and data from my old archive which I want to show people. The CIA secretly smashed the Muslims in South Africa because there were many who wanted to join the Middle East wars when the USA was doing its "War on Terror" (Translation: Killing Muslims to make Israel happy). I have mentioned recently that Muslims in South Africa might be secretly funding other Muslims elsewhere in Africa and that one day this will burn the Blacks. This is the first time in years that I've seen Muslims in South Africa actually being caught and sentenced for planning attacks. It shows you that ISIS is alive and well. The Muslims are on their own mission. This is also more proof that diversity does not work. The Blacks have their anti-Israel views, but they won't go to fight Israel, whereas for the Muslims it is much closer to their hearts. Here are the 2 twins who were caught and sentenced. Of course, it is possible the CIA might even be behind the SA Govt catching them. Here are photos of the twins below. Jan]

Twin brothers in South Africa have been convicted and jailed for plotting terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassy in Pretoria and Jewish institutions, and for planning to join the Islamic State terrorist group, according to local media.

On Monday, the Johannesburg High Court sentenced Tony-Lee Thulsie to 11 years in prison and Brandon-Lee Thulsie to eight years. However, because they have been jailed awaiting trial since July 2016, Tony-Lee will serve roughly five years and Brandon-Lee about two, reported a local publication.

The South African brothers, 28, pleaded guilty earlier in the day as part of a plea bargain with the prosecution. They pleaded guilty to planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS and to downloading ISIS literature online, including instructions on how to acquire weapons and make bombs. Tony-Lee also admitted to planning a terrorist attack in South Africa.

The brothers also planned attacks on U.S., British, Russian and/or French diplomats in Pretoria, according to the prosecution.

The pair was arrested in South Africa in July 2016 and have been in custody since then. Back in 2017, the United States added them to its terror blacklist.


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