Important: Jews trying to destroy Fash Bash Organiser Jovi Val in US Court with “Holocaust Denial” charge!

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[I just got this note from Jovi Val who was the “face” of very fun, and awesome Fash Bash we had in the USA in April 2019 which I went to! We celebrated the 130th birthday of Adolf Hitler … and you’ll see the awesome photos from the event later!

The Jews and Liberal/Communist scum have been trying to smash Jovi for anti-gay and pro-NAZI activism on the streets of New York recently.

I just got this message from Jovi:-

I just got out of court
They’re trying to use my holocaust denial against me

This is all insane. This is hot on the heels of the Jewish scum getting legislation passed in Florida to make “antisemitism” illegal in Schools and Universities there! The Jews are trying to shut down FREE SPEECH in the USA.

I was with Jovi Val, and New York is his base of operations … he loves that city. But clearly FREE SPEECH is not allowed there!


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