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[Here is an excerpt from a Jewish article wherein Jews are debating: Should we leave America? The truth is Jews need to be gone – either to Israel or to the stars. 🙂 One can scare Jews by leaving messages for them.

I do think a campaign wherein people put up flyers, etc in the USA and tell Jews to leave the USA … or else … Even things like: Jews GTF out of America and go to Israel. Ditto for Europe. Leave messages, tell Jews to get the f*ck out of these areas. If one could do these things without whites getting in trouble, it would begin scaring the Jews.

As I have been repeating endlessly, the Jews want your guns, they want to destroy the 2nd Amendment BECAUSE THEY FEAR A HOLOCAUST. This means they ARE SCARED OF WHITES. This is EXCELLENT.

One way to start reducing Jewish power is simply to scare Jews into leaving. As they leave, it reduces the numbers of Jews in the USA. Get them into Israel. One day whites can easily set them up for destruction there another day. That’s easy.

I want you to read this question and answer session here in a Jewish article. Here you can see, and should be PROUD OF, the fear the Jews have of a coming holocaust in the USA:

It is from this article:

Should We Leave America? An Interview with Activist Shifra Hoffman

Here are 2 key excerpts:

Why do you think there will be another Holocaust?

I’m surprised you’re asking this question. A Holocaust doesn’t just happen one, two, three. A Holocaust doesn’t begin with Auschwitz. It ends there!

Today you see anti-Semitism everywhere. As the economy gets worse, Nazism grows, and I’m amazed that people don’t understand that. After what happened in Pittsburgh, I thought Jews would pack their suitcases and come home, but they delude themselves.

So no, it’s not here yet, but the seeds are here, and Jews need to get out.

Rabbi Kahane predicted a Holocaust in America in the 1970s, which never came about. Why are you so convinced one will happen now?

If you open up a computer, you’ll see that anti-Semitism in America is on the rise. It’s there in print. It’s all documented. Jews are being attacked and murdered, swastikas are being painted on synagogues, and Jews are afraid on college campuses.

In Crown Heights alone there have been dozens of attacks over the last few months. They attack chassidim because they are visible. I say: If you want to remain, don’t complain! We have a home and we should be there.

Your solution is to move to Israel, but Israel is practically the only country in the world where Jews are regularly killed for being Jewish.

You can read the full article here:

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